Episode #116 - 6-19

The Man Who Gambled with Life

Clifford Evans - Keith Longman
Jayne Sofiano - Stella Longman
Veronica Carlson - Vanessa Longman
Steven Berkoff - Carl
Valentine Palmer - Ronald
John D. Collins - Chick
Iain Blair - Morris
Hedger Wallace - Ian
James Vallon - James
Geoffrey Lumsden - Dr. Williams
Brian Tully - Dr. Grange
David Kelsey - Dennis
Barry Stanton - Pete

Directed by Freddie Francis; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin

Wealthy industrialist Keith Longman is dying soon because of his weak heart. Therefore he devises a plan to freeze himself with liquid nitrogen until a cure will be found. His first experiment with a mouse is a success. Now he needs a human guinea-pig. Templar looks like the perfect candidate for that. This is why Longman tries to lure him in through both of his daughters. Not surprisingly the Saint has his own plans...

* Steven Berkoff also appears in Episode #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint". He would later appear opposite Roger in "Octopussy" (1983), opposite Sean Connery in "Outland" (1981) and as the villain in "Beverly Hills Cop" (1984)
* Iain Blair also appears in Episode #104 "The Double Take"
* Hedger Wallace also appears in Episode #98 "The Gadic Collection"
* Geoffrey Lumsden also appears in Episode #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
There is a cut right before Roger Moore gets out of the car - I wonder why? (0:00)
You can see the painted background in front of the apartment's door. (0:04)
The photos on the table are all promotional pictures for the series. (0:30)
Why does the guard talk to Simon? He must know that Templar will paralyze him with the nerve gas anyway! (0:31)
Not so frozen - note how the actor in the ape costume blinks. (0:32)
The scene with the dead ape is spoiled both by the cheap ape costume and the breathing of the actor inside it! (0:43)
Longman doesn't look very frozen... his eyelids are trembling! (0:49)

Robert S. Baker: <<We did one episode when the villain has himself frozen as he knows he is going to die, you see. Anyway, there's this scene in a laboratory with the villain in a sort of glass coffin, frozen over with ice, and Roger walked in and said 'Good morning, Mr Birdseye.' It cracked the whole crew up!>> (Owen & Bayan, p.48)

UK: 26th January 1969

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70546 (2002)

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