Episode #47 - 3-8

The Man Who Liked Toys

John Baskcomb - Lewis Enstone
Jeanne Moody - Marjorie Enstone
John Paul - John Hammel
Maurice Kaufmann - George Fowler
Rosemary Reede - Claire Wheeler
David Lodge - Harry Duggan
Inigo Jackson - Albert Costello

Directed by John Gilling; Screenplay by Basil Dawson

Rich Lewis Enstone uses dirty tricks to take over another company - he's paying one of their workers money to prolong a strike as long as possible until the other firm has no other choice than to sell to Enstone. But then Enstone is found dead in his hotel room. Has he shot himself as Inspector Teal thinks or did George Fowler, Enstone's assistant and lover of Enstone's wife Marjorie, kill him perhaps? The Saint believes someone else had good reasons to murder Enstone - he just has to prove it...

* Jeanne Moody also appears in Episodes #38 "The Ever-Loving Spouse" and #41 "Lida"
* Maurice Kaufmann also appears in Episode #83 "Locate and Destroy"

UK: 26th November 1964

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0504 (2003)

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