Episode #50 - 3-11

The Hi-Jackers

Ingrid Schoeller - Mathilde Baum
Robert Nichols - Robert Pargo
Neil McCallum - Ed Jopley
Walter Gotell - Hans Lasser
Kevin Scott - Sgt. Henry Johns
Michael Collins - Borieff
Richard Shaw - Schultz
Shane Rimmer - Major Smith
Roy Stephens - P.F.C. Kirk

Directed by David Eady; Screenplay by Paul Erickson

Templar visits the Oktoberfest in Munich. At the parade he meets Seargent Johns, an old acquaintance. In the evening he is accompanied by his girl friend Mathilde. Later Simon learns that Mathilde is part of a gang that robbed an army truck with supplies from a nearby base. Johns was killed when he tries to stop the thieves. Templar is on Mathilde's trail...

* Neil McCallum also appears in Episode #13 "The Fellow Traveller"
* Walter Gotell would later play the role of General Gogol in the James Bond movies. He also appeared in "From Russia With Love" (1963)
* Kevin Scott also appears in Episode #9 "The Effete Angler"
* Richard Shaw also appears in Episode #89 "The Art Collectors"
* Shane Rimmer would later play Cmdr. Carter in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977)
The Mercedes again...
Hans-Jochen Vogel, Munich's mayor from 1960-72, can be seen on the right in this shot. (0:00)
This shot is reversed - note the text in the background (0:04)
Two different Munich brands of beer (Spaten on the wall and Löwenbräu on the stein) in the same restaurant? That wouldn't happen in reality. (0:10)
Mathilde's home "Brandthaus" is just around the corner (0:25)... ...of the area at the beginning of the episode (0:02) - at least on the backlot.
There is a small cut right before Templar leaves the room. (0:27)
Templar drives by a "Branthaus" sign on the wall... ...only to drive by it again in the next scene (0:28).
What's with this "Branthaus" anyway? There's the Branthaus just mentioned... ...the Branthaus at the beginning of the episode (0:01) ...and Mathilde's home "Brandthaus" (0:25)
The limitations of the backlot - the "Ebertor Weinstube" can be seen at the beginning of the episode where it is located close to the town center (0:04)... ...and then later close to the hiding place of the two trucks. (0:28)
The number plate M-DD 107 was used on the truck (0:32)... ...and the police car. (0:46)
Why does Simon put Mathilde in the car without taking the car keys with him? (0:32)
How does the Saint get his car back? (0:39)

UK: 17th December 1964


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