Episode #9 - 1-9

The Effete Angler

Shirley Eaton - Gloria Uckrose
George Pravda - Clinton Uckrose
Patrick McAllinney - Patsy O'Kevin
Paul Stassino - Vincent Innutio
Jack Gwillim - Superintendent Marsh
Roland Brand - Dan Morrow
Kevin Scott - Des
Gladys Taylor - Housekeeper
Ronald Wilson - Hotel Bartender

Directed by Anthony Bushell; Screenplay by Norman Borisoff (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 

Simon is on vacation in Miami. Soon he meets beautiful Gloria Uckrose who seems to like him very much. After a long fishing trip with Gloria he makes the acquaintance of Gloria's husband Clinton and his assistant Vincent Innutio. The Saint soon suspects them to be smugglers. When Gloria bids him to leave, she will follow the day after. Will Simon believe her story?

* Shirley Eaton also appears in Episode #1 "The Talented Husband" and #100 "Invitation to Danger"
* Shirley Eaton is the golden girl from "Goldfinger"
* George Pravda also appears in Episodes #55 "The Rhine Maiden" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate". He also had a role in "Thunderball"
* Paul Stassino also appears in Episodes #22 "The Rough Diamonds", #48 "The Death Penalty", #73 "Interlude in Venice" and #115 "The Ex-King of Diamonds"
* Paul Stassino is the Vulcan fighter pilot in "Thunderball"
* Jack Gwillim also appears in Episodes #76 "The Helpful Pirate" and #82 "Paper Chase" (same role in both)
* Kevin Scott also appears in Episode #50 "The Hi-Jackers"
Ronald Wilson also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" as the second policeman (uncredited). He also appears in Episode #15 "Judith"
Strange - the background can be seen -through- Roger Moore's face! Seems like there was a problem with putting background footage together with the blue screen shots (0:03).
Simon seems to be -really- interested in Gloria - there is hardly an episode where is kissing a girl so often ;-) (0:22).
When Des opens up a beer can the beer hits actress Shirley Eaton - watch her smile shortly after (0:24).

Robert S. Baker: <<One of the locations was meant to be Bimini, but we just went down to Hamble and shot the boat stuff on the estuary there. On a bright day a boat's a boat and the sea's the sea. It may not be quite so blue here as it is in the Caribbean, but it was good enough. A lot can be concealed with skilfull lighting.>> (Simper, p.20)

"How's the famous scoundrel-chasing, criminal catching Simon Templar?" (0:01)

UK: 29th November 1962

* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 01093 (2001)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0248 (2003)


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