Episode #55 - 3-16

The Rhine Maiden

Nigel Davenport - Charles Voyson
Victor Beaumont - Dr. Schreiber
Stephanie Randal - Julia Harrison
Anthony Booth - Hans
George Pravda - Inspector Glessen
Adlina Mandlova - Helga
Frederick Schiller - Otto
Ernst Walder - Train Steward
Ernest Hare - English Man
Trotti Trueman Taylor - English Woman
Michael Wolf - Barman

Directed by James Hill; Screenplay by Brian Degas

Templar is on the terrace of a tourist hotel in Baden-Baden when he can thwart a murder attempt on Julia Harrison. She is looking for Voyson, the business partner of her late father, who took 250.000 pounds from the company and then disappeared. Voyson is indeed staying in this hotel but shortly after Julia takes him to task, he suffers a heart attack and dies in the hospital of Dr. Schreiber.
But Templar thinks that there's something fishy with the whole story and investigates.

* Nigel Davenport also appears in Episode #12 "The Charitable Countess"
* Victor Beaumont also appears in Episode #83 "Locate and Destroy"
* Anthony Booth also appears in Episode #74 "The Russian Prisoner"
* George Pravda also appears in Episodes #9 "The Effete Angler" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate". He also had a role in "Thunderball"
* Ernst Walder also appears in Episode #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Michael Wolf also appears in Episode #76 "The Helpful Pirate"
"Hotel Bergesche", the name of the hotel, does not really make sense in German. (0:01)
The set for Voyson's hotel room is usually used as Templar's flat. (0:14)
There is a hardly noticable cut right before the Volvo drives off... (0:31)
You can see the shadow of the microphone on a pole in this scene. (0:31)
It's a wonder that three men cannot overcome the Saint - maybe because they all attack separately?! (0:33)
The Bad Guys' Mercedes lives up to it's name once again! (0:34)

"And they will never forgive me if I did not get for them the autograph of the famous... the wunderbar... Simon Templar."

UK: 21st January 1965


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