Episode #76 - 5-5

The Helpful Pirate

Erika Remberg - Eva
Paul Maxwell - Kolben
Vladek Sheybal - Nikita Roskin
Anneke Wills - Fran Roeding
Redmond Phillips - Professor Roeding
George Pravda - Uhrmeister
Jack Gwillim - Major Carter
Michael Wolf - Hotel Receptionist
Laurence Herder - Alexi
Ray Austin - Erich Brauer
(Gerard Heinz - uncredited)

Directed by Roy Baker; Screenplay by Roy Russell (pdf Screenplay on Umbrella DVD) 

Professor Roeding has disappeared during an antiques shopping trip in Hamburg. The British secret service seeks Simon's help. When Templar tries to reconstruct Roeding's path he finds a plot to take in wealthy travellers with a story about pirate Störtebeker. But why has nobody seen the professor again?

* Redmond Phillips also appears in Episode #54 "The Set-Up"
* George Pravda also appears in Episode #9 "The Effete Angler" and #55 "The Rhine Maiden". He also had a role in "Thunderball"
* Jack Gwillim also appears in Episode #9 "The Effete Angler" and #82 "Paper Chase" (same role as here)
* Laurence Herder also appears in Episodes #69 "The Saint Bids Diamonds"
* Ray Austin also appears in Episode #13 "The Fellow Traveller", #22 "The Rough Diamonds", #52 "The Damsel in Distress" and uncredited in #95 "A Double in Diamonds". He would later direct Episodes #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" and #111 "The People Importers"
* Michael Wolf also appears in Episode #55 "The Rhine Maiden"
Although not credited Gerard Heinz who also appeared in Episode #25 "The Sporting Chance", #69 "The Saint Bids Diamonds" and #75 "The Reluctant Revolution" has a short cameo in this scene.
* This episode makes strong use of the backlot - each corner serves as a different spot in Hamburg.
The name of the hotel is slightly misspelled -it should be "NEUE ZEITEN" instead of "NEUEZEITEN". (0:08)
This is a slightly redesigned fake corridor painting as seen in Episode #72 "The Queen's Ransom" and #75 "The Reluctant Revolution" (0:08)
The German translation is wrong - neither "Kompliments" nor "Antiken" is correct. It should rather read "Mit den besten Empfehlungen" and "Antiquitäten". (0:10)
  The black Mercedes was used twice during this episode on the backlot set - look for the number plate. (0:13 and 0:16)
This view of Hamburg is just a painting - and it almost looks black & white. (0:16)
Since this is a painting, the window in Templar's room doesn't show a night scene. (0:23)
Another appearance of the Mercedes. (0:46)

UK: 28th October 1966

Piratenstück in Hamburg

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70230 (2001)


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