Episode #52 - 3-13

The Damsel in Distress

Richard Wyler - Allessandro Naccaro
Catherine Woodville - Barbara Astral
Paul Whitsun-Jones - Domenick Naccaro
Harold Kasket - Guiseppe Rolfieri
Ray Austin - Arthur
John Bluthal - Guido Naccaro
Camilla Hasse - Maria Naccaro
Gwynneth Tighe - Jennifer

Directed by Peter Yates; Screenplay by Paul Erickson (2 pdf Screenplays on network DVD) 

Italian restaurant owner Domenick Naccaro seeks help because the father of his grandchild has disappeared before he could marry his daughter Maria, an infamy for Italian people. When Templar is looking for Rolfieri he soon discovers that Inspector Teal is also searching for this man. For a good reason too, because Rolfieri has taken 1 million pounds of embezzled money with him! The family connections of the Naccaros in Italy soon reveal that Rolfieri has fled to Florence with his secretary Barbara Astral. The Saint accepts their advertisment as chauffeur for Rolfieri and soon attracts the attention of Barbara...

* Richard Wyler also appears in Episode #68 "The Man Who Could Not Die"
* Catherine Woodville also appears in Episode #43 "The Scorpion"
* Paul Whitsun-Jones also appears in Episodes #10 "The Golden Journey", #14 "Starring the Saint" and #16 "Teresa"
* Ray Austin also appears in Episodes #13 "The Fellow Traveller", #22 "The Rough Diamonds", #76 "The Helpful Pirate" and uncredited in #95 "A Double in Diamonds". He would later direct Episodes #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" and #111 "The People Importers"
* John Bluthal also appears in Episode #62 "The Happy Suicide"
This shot of the window (0:04) but also the building in general was often used in the series to depict hotels or office buildings, for example in Episode #46 "The Loving Brothers" (0:41).
Arthur rummages through Templar's belongings not in an inconspicuous way - but the Saint doesn't seem to notice anything. (0:26).

UK: 31th December 1964


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