Episode #43 - 3-4

The Scorpion

Catherine Woodville - Karen Bates
Nyree Dawn Porter - Patsy Butler
Dudley Sutton - Eddy
Philip Latham - Long Harry
Leon Cortez - Birdie
Geoffrey Bayldon - Wilfred Garniman
Ronald Leigh Hunt - Mark Deverest
Eve Lister - Cynthia Deverest
Thomas Baptiste?? - Sam

Directed by Roy Baker; Screenplay by Paul Erickson

A criminal with the nickname "Long Harry" needs Simon's help. He has stolen a document from politician Mark Deverest. The man who gave him the job is called "The Scorpion". Unfortunately Harry has seen his face and is now hunted by the thug Eddy. Soon after Harry is dead. As Simon investigates Deverest denies any blackmail. But the clues lead the Saint to a club called "Birdsnest"...

* Catherine Woodville also appears in Episode #52 "The Damsel in Distress"
* Nyree Dawn Porter had later a leading role in the ITC series "The Protectors"
* Philip Latham also appears in Episode #17 "The Elusive Ellshaw"
* Leon Cortez also appears in Episode #108 "The Scales of Justice"
* Geoffrey Bayldon also appears in Episode #89 "The Art Collectors"
* Geoffrey Bayldon became famous through the TV series "Catweazle" (1970-71).
* Ronald Leigh Hunt also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" and #108 "The Scales of Justice"
Altough uncredited this looks to me like Thomas Baptiste who also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" and Episode #93 "Island of Chance".
  Eddy puts on the mask and in the next scene it's on his forehead again - not to mention that one is actor Dudley Sutton and the other a stand-in. (0:01)
The same house was used in Episode #35 "The High Fence"
Why is there a car parked with the lights on? (0:07)
It's very obvious that this is not Roger Moore. (0:11)
Why is Garniman's car still parked in front of Deverest's house? (0:20)
Watch closely - before the closeup goes from the scorpion to actress Catherine Woodville you can see it's just a plastic toy drawn by a string. (0:39)
In the scene after that you can see that a real scorpion is climbing up the arm of a mannequin instead of a human's arm. [Contributed by Robert Verrall]

Roy Ward Baker: <<Geoffrey Baldon was a good actor who I liked very much. A charming man. A good egg generally. Dudley Sutton was a marvellous, eccentric character. Wonderful quirky delivery - you never quite knew what he was going to say next.>> (Simper, p.49)

UK: 29th October 1964

S.T. und der Skorpion

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1040 (1992)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0502 (2003)


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