Episode #35 - 2-23

The High Fence

James Villiers - Inspector Pryor
Suzanne Lloyd - Gabby
Reginald Beckwith - Enderby
Stanley Meadows - Bob Stryker
Harry Towb - Johnny
Dyson Lovell - Jim Fasson
Claire Kelly - Mary
Peter Jeffrey - Quincy
Hazel Hughes - Mrs Stewart
Richard Poore - Robbins

Directed by James Hill; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin

The police of London is helpless: several jewel thefts in London take place and the police has no clue. Simon and his friend, the famous actress Gabrielle Forrest, surprise two thieves in her house. The thieves escape but Gabby recognizes one with the name of Johnny in the criminal files. After he's brought to the station for questioning someone poisons his tea. With the help of insurance agent Bob Stryker Templar sticks hard on the jewel thieves' heels.

* James Villiers also appears in the James Bond movie "For Your Eyes Only" (1981)
* Suzanne Lloyd also appears in Episode #31 "Luella", #44 "The Revolution Racket", #79 "The Man Who Liked Lions", #92 "Simon and Delilah" and #105 "The Time to Die"
* Stanley Meadows also appears in Episode #18 "Marcia" and #72 "The Queen's Ransom"
* Stanley Meadows also appears in the episode "The Man in the Middle" of The Persuaders
* Harry Towb also appears in Episode #11 "The Man Who Was Lucky"
* Peter Jeffrey also appears in Episode #61 "The Crime of the Century"
* Hazel Hughes also appears in Episode #19 "The Work of Art"
Another Volvo P1800 can be seen side by side with the Saint's car (0:00).
The same house was used in Episode #43 "The Scorpion"
Shouldn't Gabby and Simon have been surprised about the unknown car parking in the driveway of Gabby's house?.
Quincy is really well prepared! How did he know that he'll need the cyanide to poison Johnny's tea? (0:16)
  The footage with the truck from B. E. Barrett, Ltd. was used twice in the same episode (0:22 and 0:32).
Why does Quincy blow his cover when he finds out that the waiteress is Gabby, the famous filmstar!? She and Simon don't know him. Wouldn't it be better to say nothing and remain undiscovered? (0:40)

UK: 20th February 1964

S.T. und der Große Fuchs

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0502 (2003)


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