Episode #11 - 1-11

The Man Who Was Lucky

Eddie Byrne - Lucky Joe Luckner
Delphi Lawrence - Cora
Campbell Singer - Inspector Teal
Vera Day - Jane
Harry Towb - Marty O'Connor
Charles Houston - Eddy Toscelli
Nicholas Selby - Bailey
John Forbes-Robertson - Seargent Stevens
Jack Taylor - Frank
John Sullivan - Harry
Dickie Owen - Cab Driver

Written & Directed by John Gilling

"Lucky" Joe Luckner is demanding protection money from bookmaker Bailey and his partner O'Connor. When Bailey refuses to pay Luckner beats him to death. O'Connor's girlfriend Cora (who works for Luckner in his bar) convinces him to hide. O'Connor contacts the Saint for help. Now Simon tries to settle the matter "the Saint way". To Luckner it looks like thw Saint will deliver O'Connor and Cora into his hands. How wrong he is...

This is the first appearance of chief inspector Teal in the series, although played by Campbell Singer. Teal would appear again played by Wensley Pithey in Episode #14 "Starring the Saint" and Norman Pitt in Episode #17 "The Ellusive Ellshaw" before the producers settled on actor Ivor Dean. Read more on the cast page.
* Campbell Singer would later reappear as Fenton in Episode #94 "The Gadget Lovers"
* Eddie Byrne also appears in Episodes #63 "The Chequered Flag", #80 "The Better Mousetrap" and #118 "The World Beater". He also had a role as General Willard in "Star Wars" (1977)
* Harry Towb also appears in Episode #35 "The High Fence"
* Charles Houston also appears in Episodes #21 "The King of the Beggars", #40 "The Miracle Tea Party", #100 "Invitation to Danger" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint". He also appears in the episode "The Gold Napoleon" of The Persuaders
* John Forbes-Robertson also appears in Episodes #61 "The Crime of the Century" and #72 "The Queen's Ransom"
* There is an unusual amount of exterior scenes with Roger Moore in this episode.
   Notice how the blood in actor Harry Towb's corner of the mouth changes inside of one minute - from nothing to a clear drop (0:14).
Actress Delphi Lawrence seems to confuse the names in this scene - listen as she calls actor Harry Towb by his real name (0:15) [Submitted by Robert Verrall]
Listen closely - you can hear a cough! Noone else is supposed to be in the room though! (0:21)
You can see the head of the cameraman (probably) in the reflective window frame (0:26)
The shadow of the boom microphone can bee seen in the upper right corner. (0:29)
If the car parks this way... shouldn't there be some of the windows behind the car? (0:42)

"Just like Superman!" (Jane, after the Saint knocked down Luckner)

Toscelli: "Haven't I seen you someplace?"
Saint: "Sure, I've been someplace."

UK: 13th December 1962

* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 01413 (2001)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0249 (2003)


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