Episode #63 - 4-1

The Checkered Flag

Eddie Byrne - Oscar Newley
Justine Lord - Mandy Ellington
Edward De Souza - Beau Ellington
Pamela Conway - Catherine Marshall
Tim Barrett - Lee Leonard
Neil McCarthy - Alec Hunter
John Kidd - Bateman
Dorothy Frere - Hunter's Landlady
Eliza Buckingham - Bank Clerk

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Norman Hudis (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 
Adapted from "The Newdick Helicopter" by Leslie Charteris

Catherine Marshall asks Simon for help - Oscar Newley has stolen a fuel injection patent from her now dead father and uses it for his racing car. If he wins the next race he will make millions with the system, if not he will be broke. Someone constantly sabotages Newley's racing car - the prime suspect is rival driver Beau Ellington. When Newley's garage is on fire Templar just arrives in time to save him and the car...

* Eddie Byrne also appears in Episodes #11 "The Man Who Was Lucky", #80 "The Better Mousetrap" and #118 "The World Beater". He also had a role as General Willard in "Star Wars" (1977)
* Justine Lord also appears in Episodes #23 "The Saint Plays With Fire", #26 "The Bunco Artists", #45 "The Saint Steps In", #49 "The Imprudent Politician" and #109/110 "The Fiction Makers"
* Tim Barrett also appears in Episode #95 "A Double in Diamonds"
* Neil McCarthy also appears in Episode #45 "The Saint Steps In"
* Edward De Souza would later appear as Sheikh Hosein in the Moore 007 movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977)
  The same racing car mockup was used for the closeup shots of Edward De Souza and Tim Barrett - look at the paintwork (although little differences can be found).
This shot is reversed - take a look at the billboards (0:29) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
* You can listen to the isolated music & audio track of this episode on the Umbrella DVD release.

UK: 1st July 1965

S.T. und die Startflagge


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