Episode #23 - 2-11

The Saint Plays with Fire

Joseph Furst - Kane Luker
Justine Lord - Lady Valerie
John Robinson - Sidney Fairweather
Margaretta Scott - Lady Sangore
Geoffrey Denton - Sir Robert Sangore
Robert Brown - Jackman
Raymond Adamson - Norton
John Hollis - West
Joe Robinson - Austin
Tony Beckley - John Kennet
John Kelland - Ralph Windlay

Directed by Robert S. Baker; Screenplay by John Kruse

John Kennet is writing an article about the British Nazi Party and the important people behind the scenes. One of his informants is fellow writer Windlay who had infiltrated the organisation.
Kennet is then invited to Sidney Fairweather's country house. When Templar is accidentally driving by he notices that the house is in flames. All the residents were able to flee from the burning house - except John Kennet. The Saint suspects that something is terribly wrong. Soon after there is trial where Templar advocates his opinion that Kennet was murdered. Can he prove it?

OPINION: An impressive episode. Well acted with a dark theme.

* Joseph Furst also appears in Episodes #39 "The Saint Sees it through" and #74 "The Russian Prisoner"
* Justine Lord also appears in Episodes #26 "The Bunco Artists", #45 "The Saint Steps In", #49 "The Imprudent Politician", #63 "The Chequered Flag" and #109/110 "The Fiction Makers"
* John Robinson also appears in Episode #102 "The Desperate Diplomat"
* Robert Brown also appears in Episode #40 "The Miracle Tea-Party"
* Robert Brown was Roger Moore's sidekick in the series "Ivanhoe" and would later (in the eighties) re-join him on the big screen in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977) and later as M in the Bond series
* Raymond Adamson also appears in Episodes #27 "The Benevolent Burglary" and #74 "The Russian Prisoner"
* John Hollis also appears in Episode #87 "The Fast Women"
* John Hollis would later play Lobot, Lando Calrissian's assistant, in The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and also Blofeld in the pretitle sequence of For Your Eyes Only" (1981)
* Tony Beckley also appears in Episode #18 "Marcia"
* Tony Beckley also appears in the Roger Moore movie "Gold" (1974)
* John Kelland also appears in Episode #1 "The Talented Husband"
* This episode was directed by one of the series producers, Robert S. Baker.
* Notice the unusual music throughout the whole episode - it adds perfectly to the tension.
* What a coincidence: Templar is driving by the burning house... (0:08).
This shot of the Volvo P1800 is reversed - look at the number plate (0:10)
  Even though the Saint goes to Kennet's appartment much later (0:24) the cars are still parking exactly like when Windlay was visiting him days ago (0:04).
Joseph Furst gives a very convincing performance as fascist German industrialist Kane Luker.
* An audio commentary for this episode with Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker and Johnny Goodman is available on the Umbrella DVD.
A book analyzing this episode, "The Saint Plays With Fire: The Saint: Classic British Television Drama Volume 3" (138p, ISBN: 9798633439526), is available from Out There Productions.

Templar: "I say this whole case stinks to high heaven!"

UK: 28th November 1963

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1039 (1991)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0500 (2003)


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