Episode #102 - 6-5

The Desperate Diplomat

Robert Hardy - Walter Faber
Suzan Farmer - Sara Douglas
John Robinson - Jason Douglas
David Cargill - Eddie Margoles
Kenneth Gardnier - John Chatto
Lorna Wilde - Carla Lawrence
Leslie Crawford - Dunn
Terry Plummer - Healey
Maggie London - Julie
Charlotte Selwyn - Shop Assistant
Yutte Stensgaard - Telephone Operator
Brian Harrison - Police Doctor

Directed by Ray Austin; Screenplay by Terry Nation

A friend of Simon, Jason Douglas, a diplomat for an african country is on the run with 3 quarters of a million pounds. Some gangsters are on his trail. They kidnap his daughter Sara and offer Tempar a deal: if he gives them the address of Douglas' whereabouts they let her go. But the Saint doesn't have it! But he is able to free her. Together they fly to Geneva where Sara suspects her father. When they finally find him they have to discover that the gangster Faber has been faster...

OPINION: A nice performance by Robert Hardy

* Suzan Farmer also appears in Episodes #2 "The Latin Touch", #57 "The Sign of the Claw" and #77 "The Convenient Monster"
* John Robinson also appears in Episode #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire"
* David Cargill also appears in Episode #5 "The Loaded Tourist"
* Kenneth Gardiner also appears in Episode #93 "Island of Chance"
* Charlotte Selwyn also appears in Episode #96 "The Power Artists"
* Brian Harrison also appears in Episode #95 "A Double in Diamonds"
* Director Ray Austin appears as an actor in Episode #13 "The Fellow Traveller", #22 "The Rough Diamonds", #52 "The Damsel in Distress", #76 "The Helpful Pirate" and uncredited in #95 "A Double in Diamonds".
* Leslie Crawford also appears in Episode #97 "When Spring is Sprung" and #100 "Invitation to Danger" (credited as Les Crawford). He also seems to be the "Leslie Crawford" mentioned in the end credits as Fight Arranger.
   The corner flat is used here in very short intervals. Did they really think nobody would notice? They could have used the other shop on the back lot. (0:00 and 0:05) The entry to Templar's flat is also located at the end of the same street. (0:11)
You can see the shadow of the microphone here. (0:06)
The blue screen backgrounds in the car scenes are some of the worst I remember seeing in the series. (0:19)
Look closely: The news headline is glued on a real newspaper. (0:21)
When the guy passes behind the car you can see the shadow of the camera (or something else which shouldn't be there). (0:26)
A swiss car with the steering wheel on the right side? Strange, isn't it! (0:35)
Why have both of the bad guys grey dyed hair? (0:43)
You hear that right: he hits the car not Douglas' assistant. (0:43)
  Suddenly there is a hole in the door where Walter Faber is hiding - but the Saint hasn't fired a single shot yet! (0:45)

"Nice. I like older men."
Templar: "I bet you say that to all us pensionists."
"Very funny!"
Templar: "Ah... thought so!"

UK: 20th October 1968

S.T. und der Diplomat

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70466 (2002)


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