Episode #97 - 5-26

When Spring is Sprung

Toby Robins - Joanne Dell
Ann Lynn - Marie Spring
Allan Cuthbertson - Col. Hannerly
George Pastell - Vulanin
Gary Watson - John Spring
Harvey Ashby - Peter Quentin
Douglas Livingstone - Watters
Bryan Mosley - First Sleuth
Eric Dodson - Prosecuting Counsel
Les Crawford - First Russian Guard
Peter Brace - Second Russian Guard
Doel Luscombe - Police Officer Witness
Kenneth Edwards - The Judge
Colin Rix - The Radio Expert
Leslie Anderson - The Cleaner
John Frawley - The Doctor

Directed by Jim O'Connolly; Screenplay by Michael Pertwee

Templar is contacted by the British Secret Service because he had claimed in an interview that he can easily free Russian spy Spring. The Saint agrees to free him when he is contacted by Spring's wife soon - because Spring is a double agent now. At the same time Simon has to convince Inspector Teal that he is not in any way involved in the rescue operation.

* George Pastell also appears in Episode #4 "The Covetous Headsman", #72 "Queen's Ransom" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Les Crawford also appears in Episode #100 "Invitation to Danger" and #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" (credited as Leslie Crawford). He also seems to be the "Leslie Crawford" mentioned in the end credits as Fight Arranger.
* Leslie Anderson also appears in Episode #106 "The Master Plan"
An untold story: How did the Saint get behind the steering-wheel of the ambulance? (0:31)
Templar's flat is normally located at the end of the street to the left in this shot. They probably placed it in here in this episode, so that they had a building on the other side of the street for the observers from New Scotland Yard.
Note the shadow of the boom microphone. (0:45)
The double doors were frequently used as a set item in the colour episodes.

Leslie Charteris, 28th February 1967: <<The synopsis of "When Spring is Sprung" has some ingenious maneuvers in it, but some very serious weaknesses.>> (Barer, p.150)
Leslie Charteris, 14th March 1967: <<Pertwee's dialogue is a bit better than the low average of the series. If more attention had been paid to my suggestions on the original outline, we could have been on our way to a first-class show. Unfortunately, except that I am still technically fulfilling my contractual function, I am still wasting my time.>> (Barer, p.150)

UK: 2nd June 1967

S.T. und der Doppelagent

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70352 (2001)


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