Episode #106 - 6-9

The Master Plan

John Turner - Cord Thrandel
Lyn Ashley - Jean Lane
Burt Kwouk - Mr. Ching
Christopher Benjamin - Fish
Robert Morris - Max
Paul Greenhalgh - Tony Lane
James Locker - Dr. King
Brenda Kempner - Nurse
Leslie Anderson - Porter
Edwin Brown - Van Driver
Prudence Drage - Girl Customer

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin

Tony Lane is missing. His sister Jean asks Simon for help. A trace leads them to the "Red Dragon Club". The owner of this nightclub is Cord Thrandel. Templar knows Thrandel to be a criminal. They soon learn that a Chinese organisation wants to take over the British drug market through heroin smuggling.

* Burt Kwouk also appears in Episodes #57 "The Sign of the Claw" and #94 "The Gadget Lovers"
* Burt Kwouk appeared in "Goldfinger", was Blofeld's assistant in "You Only Live Twice" and also was Cato, Inspector Clouseau's servant
* Leslie Anderson also appears in Episode #97 "When Spring is Sprung"
* Edwin Brown also appears in Episode #85 "Escape Route"
You can see the shadow of the microphone following Moore. (0:11)
  The bullet holes were prepared before the shooting and small charges simulated the shots. If you compare the two camera shots it looks like the side panel of the crate was replaced with the prepared one. (0:38)
The wall decoration here (0:02) would be reused in Episode #108 "The Scales of Justice.
Similar to Episode #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" they used the backlot side street for three different places. One has to wonder why they didn't use the rest of the backlot. Seen from Tony's flat (0:15) the "Red Dragon Club" is towards the end of the street to the left - you can even see the small trees to the sides of the club's entry in both shots (0:13). Fish's antique shop is located opposite the club on the backlot. (0:18)

UK: 17th November 1968

S.T. und der Rote Drachen

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70468 (2002)


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