Episode #57 - 3-18

The Sign of the Claw

Suzan Farmer - Jean Morland
Peter Copley - Don Morland
Godfrey Quigley - Max Valmon
Geoffrey Frederick - Major Rowney
Leo Leyden - Dr. Julias
Kenjin Takaki - Angkor
Burt Kwouk - Tawau
John Reese - Gale
Kristopher Kum - Harlun
Michael Chow - Rawach

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Terry Nation
Adapted from "Arizona" by Leslie Charteris

The Saint is in a not specified country in South-East Asia where he visits the Morland family. The brother of Don Morland died a few months ago, his dead body bore the claw marks of a tiger. His farm neighbour Max Valmon wants to buy Morland's farm but Morland refuses.
One evening there is an attack by Asian terrorists where one servant gets killed and Morland is injured by a shot in the shoulder. Only Templar can save the farm because he can send a message to the army with a transmitting set in a jeep.
The next day Valmon appears and wants to buy the farm again - Templar suspects him to have other motives than financial ones. He soon discovers that the terrorists are operating from Valmon's farm, led by a certain Dr. Julias - the man Simon came to find in South-East Asia...

* Suzan Farmer also appears in Episodes #2 "The Latin Touch",#77 "The Convenient Monster" and #102 "The Desperate Diplomat"
* Godfrey Quigley also appears in Episodes #25 "The Sporting Chance", #74 "The Russian Prisoner" and #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
* Leo Leyden also appears in Episode #81 "Little Girl Lost"
* Burt Kwouk also appears in Episodes #94 "The Gadget Lovers" and #106 "The Master Plan"
* Burt Kwouk appeared in "Goldfinger", was Blofeld's assistant in "You Only Live Twice" and also was Cato, Inspector Clouseau's servant
That the background is only a painting is very obvious not only because of the painting itself but also the folding in the canvas. (0:22)
Why does Dr. Julias, the man whose face is unknown, reveal himself to Morland - after all, they just want him to force to sell his farm. (0:26)
Morland drives to town since the telephone line is still down... but all it would have needed would have been to connect the cables. (0:30)
One has to wonder why the production did use this shot where one can clearly see the wing of the higher flying airplane.(0:42)
When Valmon wakes up this happens very near to Templar - one has to wonder why the Saint doesn't react earlier. (0:45)
* The entry for this episode in the Mechele & Fiddy book is full of errors by the way...

UK: 4th February 1965


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