Episode #74 - 5-3

The Russian Prisoner

Penelope Horner - Irma Jorovitch
Joseph Furst - Professor Karel Jorovitch
Guy Deghy - Inspector Oscar Kleinhaus
Yootha Joyce - Milanov
Godfrey Quigley - Kirill
Anthony Booth - Pyotr
Robert Crewdson - Mikhail Zukhov
Sandor Elés - Andre
Raymond Adamson - Guard at Villa
Alexis Chesnakov - Aristov
William Buck - Clerk

Directed by John Moxey; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin

Russian professor Jorovitch wants to defect to meet his daughter that he hasn't seen for 20 years. He wants to take the opportunity on a conference in Geneva. But soon after he has left the Russian embassy he is picked up by two men.
The Saint is then contacted by a beautiful girl who claims to be Jorovitch's daughter Irma. Together they try to rescue the professor out of Russian hands.

* Penelope Horner also appears in Episodes #54 "The Set-Up" and #82 "Paper Chase". She also appears in the episode "Someone Waiting" of The Persuaders
* Joseph Furst also appears in Episodes #23 "The Saint Plays With Fire" and #39 "The Saint Sees it through"
* Guy Deghy also appears in Episodes #5 "The Loaded Tourist" (same role), #39 "The Saint Sees it through" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Godfrey Quigley also appears in Episodes #25 "The Sporting Chance", #57 "The Sign of the Claw" and #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
* Anthony Booth also appears in Episode #55 "The Rhine Maiden"
* Robert Crewdson also appears in Episode #84 "Flight Plan"
* Sandor Elés also appears in Episodes #64 "The Abductors" and #112 "Where the Money Is"
* Raymond Adamson also appears in Episodes #23 "The Saint Plays With Fire" and #27 "The Benevolent Burglary"
* William Buck also appears in Episode #25 "The Sporting Chance"
* This appearance of actor Joseph Furst is quite the opposite to his role as fascist industrialist in Episode #23 "The Saint Plays With Fire"
These Russian secret service women... they all seem to be modeled after "From Russia with Love"'s Rosa Klebb...
It almost looks like Kirill has the cigarette in his mouth the wrong way - with the filter at the front side. (0:10)
Kirill and Pyotr arrive at the hotel but they don't know the number of Templar's room. Therefore they leave a message for Templar and when Andre, the receptionist, puts this letter into the compartment he accidentally reveals the number of the room where Templar stays. Then Kirill and Pyotr go to the lift... After the fight in Templar's room he and Irma Jorovitch leave the hotel and we see Milanov standing in the hall. She goes to the lift... and then to Templar's room. But how did she knows what his room number is? (0:27) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
  If Kirill is still on the floor near the curtain - who is passing through behind the Templar and Pyotr? This seems to be a continuity error. (0:31)
The underwater scenes with Roger diving in the lake were probably filmed in the back lot's water tank. You can see the edge of that pool (0:40).

UK: 14th October 1966

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70229 (2001)


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