Episode #25 - 2-13

The Sporting Chance

Derren Nesbitt - Netchideff
Gerard Heinz - Professor Mueller
Godfrey Quigley - Pavan
Carol Cleveland - Marion Kent
Brandon Brady - Cleaver
Harry Webster - Beaver Johnson
Bruce Boa -  Jack Williams
Nicholas Stuart - Inspector Hackett
Nan Marriott-Watson - Mrs. Whicker
William Buck - Detective Gorman
Evan Thomas - Dr. Beamish

Directed by Jeremy Summers; Screenplay by John Kruse

Professor Mueller has defected a few years ago from the G.D.R. under the condition that the escape of his wife & daughter from East Berlin will be made possible soon. 5 years later he lives and researches in Canada. He wants to return to the G.D.R. though because he wants to see his family again... In exchange for the plans of his satellite guidance system he will be brought to his family by some agents.
Mueller therefore pretends to go on a fishing trip. When his helpers learn that Mueller's family was able to defect to the west in the meantime they have no scrupels and kill the messenger. By chance it is an old acquaintance of Simon Templar who is on a fishing trip at Lake Manitou too. Templar follows their tracks...

OPINION: Derren Nesbitt's performance as the russian Netchideff is the highlight of this episode...

* Gerard Heinz also appears in Episodes #69 "The Saint Bids Diamonds", #75 "The Reluctant Revolution" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate" (not credited)
* Godfrey Quigley also appears in Episodes #57 "The Sign of the Claw", #74 "The Russian Prisoner" and #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
* Carol Cleveland also appears in Episodes #61 "The Crime of the Century"
* Bruce Boa also appears in Episodes #60 "Sibao" and #101 "Legacy for the Saint". He also appears in "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Octopussy" (1983)
* Nicholas Stuart also appears in Episodes #3 "The Careful Terrorist" and #60 "Sibao"
* William Buck also appears in Episode #74 "The Russian Prisoner"
The voice of Dr. Beamish sounds like its been dubbed later... maybe to add an american accent.
The set of Mueller's house is usually used as Templar's apartment.
This shot of Roger Moore is reversed (0:15)
No waves on the lake... this is just a freeze image (0:44)

UK: 12th December 1963

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0501 (2003)


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