Episode #101 - 6-4

Legacy for the Saint

Alan McNaughtan - Charlie Lewis
T.P. McKenna - Tony
Reginald Marsh - Ed Brown
Stephanie Beacham - Penny
Kenneth Farrington - Ashford
Edward Brayshaw - Pietro
Bruce Boa - Mark
Brian Coburn - Dickie
Sheila Keith - Cynthia Ffouldes
Edward Kelsey - Williams

Directed by Roy Ward Baker; Screenplay by Michael Winder

Ed Brown, a retired gangster, is blown up in his Rolls Royce. Templar is sent to tell his daughter Penny of his death and bring her to the reading of his last will. Also present are four rival gangsters. Brown posthumously offers them a deal: if they manage to raise £1.000.000 they will earn exactly the same sum from a swiss bank account. Since the gangsters plan to take Penny as a hostage Simon offers his help... and Chief Inspector Teal is hot on his heels.

* Alan McNaughtan also appears in Episode #88 "The Death Game"
* T.P. McKenna also appears in Episode #78 "The Angel's Eye"
* Bruce Boa also appears in Episodes #25 "The Sporting Chance" and #60 "Sibao". He also appears in "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Octopussy" (1983)
The double doors were frequently used as a set item in the colour episodes. In this episode a version without gold inlays was used.

Leslie Charteris, 9th September 1967: <<Michael Winder is another of those writers who expects you to assume that he is going to plug a lot of holes and develop a lot of brilliant strategems, without telling you how he proposes to do it. So, in my sceptical way, I am left asking a lot of questions. Maybe Winder can answer the questions, but the answers will have to be good.>> (Barer, p.151)

Roy Ward Baker: <<Stephanie Beacham [...] was quite remarkable. She was obviously going to be a very good actress.>> (Simper, p.49)

UK: 13th October 1968

S.T. und ein Testament

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70466 (2002)


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