Episode #60 - 3-21


John Carson - Theron Netlord
Jeanne Roland - Sibao
Jerry Stovin - Tony Kreiger
Nicholas Stuart - Atherton Lee
Kevin Stoney - Dr. Farrere
Christopher Carlos - Manon
Tracey Connell - Tarno
Bruce Boa - Hamilton
John McLaren - Brinkley
Boscoe Holder - Male Dancer

Directed by Peter Yates; Screenplay by Terry Nation
Adapted from "The Questing Tycoon" by Leslie Charteris

Simon is in a bar in Haiti when a beautiful young lady convinces him that there's more to voodoo than just superstition.
She has soon to marry the gangster Theron Netlord. He sends her home from the bar accompanied by her brother. Netlord also orders the brakes of the car of a certain american called Tony Kreiger to be manipulated. Kreiger later looses control over his car and accidentally kills Sibao's brother. He has to die for this.
With the marriage to Sibao Netlord will gain access to Voodoo secrets. Simon tries to prevent this...

* Peter Yates is a movie director of films like "Bullitt" (1968), "Krull" (1983), "The House on Carroll Street" (1988) or "An Innocent Man" (1989)
* John Carson also appears in Episodes #7 "The Arrow of God", #30 "The Romantic Matron" and #87 "The Fast Women"
* Jerry Stovin also appears in Episodes #14 "Starring the Saint" and #62 "The Happy Suicide"
* Nicholas Stuart also appears in Episodes #3 "The Careful Terrorist" and #25 "The Sporting Chance"
* Christopher Carlos also appears in Episode #93 "Island of Chance"
* Bruce Boa also appears in Episodes #25 "The Sporting Chance" and #101 "Legacy for the Saint". He also appears in "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980) and "Octopussy" (1983)
* John McLaren also appears in Episodes #15 "Judith" and #21 "The King of the Beggars"
The "Male Dancer" seen at the beginning is played by Boscoe Holder - the brother of Geoffrey Holder who would play Baron Samedi in the James Movie "Live and Let Die" a few years later. (0:xx)
The footage with the landing airplane was also used in Episode #58 "The Golden Frog". (0:28)
Listen to the music in this scene - it's the same as in the other episodes but slowed down quite a bit to show the drug effects on Simon. (0:38)
Actor John Carson can be seen with Jeanne Roland on the left side - but Simon already saved Sibao from Netlord's hands in the scene before. (0:46)

UK: 25th February 1965

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1044 (1994)


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