Episode #30 - 2-18

The Romantic Matron

Ann Gillis - Beryl Carrington
John Carson - Ramon Venino
Christopher Rhodes - Bernabe
Patrick Troughton - Police Inspector
Michael Ritterman - Hotel Manager
Joby Blanshard - Ernesto
Victor Spinetti - Commissionaire
Madge Brindley - Landlady
Laurence Taylor - Juanito
Peter Diamond - Miguel
Kaplan Kaye - Chico
Peter Elliott - Manuel
George Little - Guard
Bill Cartwright - Driver

Directed by John Paddy Carstairs; Screenplay by Larry Forrester

Beryl Carrington is the first time on holidays outside of the US in Buenos Aires. Ramon Venino is hitting her imported car in the parking lot. He promises her to have it repaired. They get to know each other better and Ramon tells her that he is working for the resistance and gives her a briefcase with important names. Carrington now contacts the Saint who is staying in the same hotel. He investigates and discovers that there is no such thing as an rebellion. Maybe the whole incident has something to do with the recent robbery of a gold transport?

* Ann Gillis also appears in Episode #67 "The Persistent Parasites"
* John Carson also appears in Episodes #7 "The Arrow of God", #60 "Sibao" and #87 "The Fast Women"
* Patrick Troughton also appears in Episode #73 "Interlude in Venice"
* Michael Ritterman also appears in Episode #5 "The Loaded Tourist"
* Joby Blanshard also appears in Episode #71 "The Old Treasure Story"
* Laurence (Larry) Taylor also appears in Episodes #20 "Iris" (uncredited), #51 "The Unkind Philanthropist", #66 "The Smart Detective", #72 "The Queen's Ransom", #104 "The Double Take" (uncredited) and #117 "Portrait of Brenda"
* Larry Taylor appears in the series "The Persuaders" in the episode "Chain of Events"
* Peter Diamond also appears in Episode #42 "Jeannine"
* Peter Elliott also appears in Episodes #42 "Jeaninne" and #79 "The Man Who Liked Lions"
* George Little also appears in Episode #16 "Teresa"
Another appearance of the bad guys' Mercedes... (0:03)
There is no real tunnel - the back part is just a painting (0:04)
The hotel in Buines Aires was also used as... ...an office building in Episode #38 "The Ever-Loving Spouse" (0:07).

UK: 16th January 1964

* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 01413 (2001)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0248 (2003)


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