Episode #117 - 6-20

Portrait of Brenda

Anna Carteret - Diane Huntley
Anne de Vigier - Josephine
Trevor Bannister - Johnny Fox
Petra Davies - Mrs. White
Marne Maitland - The Guru
Hazel Coppen - Mrs. Blondel
Tina Ruta - Opera Singer
Larry Taylor - Ashok
David Prowse - Tony
Harry Littlewood - Postman

Directed by John Gilling; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin

Templar has made the acquaintance of a painter a few weeks ago. After he calls the Saint to ask for help Simon finds him murdered in his appartment. The only clue is a painting with a woman called Brenda - who is she? Templar's investigation leads him first to a record studio and then to a mysterious guru.

* Anne de Vigier also appears in the "The Persuaders" episode "Someone Like Me"
* Marne Maitland also appears in Episodes #16 "Teresa", #41 "Lida" and #84 "Flight Plan"
* Marne Maitland also appears in the James Bond movie "The Man With the Golden Gun" (1974)
* Larry Taylor also appears in Episodes #20 "Iris" (uncredited), #30 "The Romantic Matron" (as Laurence Taylor), #51 "The Unkind Philanthropist", #66 "The Smart Detective", #72 "The Queen's Ransom" and #104 "The Double Take" (uncredited)
* Larry Taylor appears in the series "The Persuaders" in the episode "Chain of Events"
* Harry Littlewood also appears in Episode #77 "The Convenient Monster"
David Prowse would later don a famous mask - he would play Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy! He also had a small role in the Roger Moore movie "Crossplot" (1969)
Moore quite obviously misses actor Prowse, yet you can nevertheless hear the sound of the punch. (0:16) [Submitted by Robert Verrall]
Similar to episode #116 "The Man Who Gambled with Life" there is also a cut right after the Moore stand-in gets into the car. (0:25)
You can see him play, but you can't hear him! Why is there a saxophone player in the record studio? (0:35)
The other side of the street is just a painting. (0:36)
This is not really a hole in the windscreen... it's just painted on it. (0:42)

Leslie Charteris, 19th July 1968: <<I'm afraid it isn't in the same street with [Junkin's] last synopsis, "The Man Who Gambled with Life." It tries in the same way to evoke recent headlines, with the guru-pop-singer background, but it finds nothing interesting, intriguing, or unusual to do with them. [...]
And if any freelance had submitted such a mush of nothingness, I try to believe that even Junkin as "script supervisor" would have bounced it.>> (Barer, p.157)

Leslie Charteris, 25th July 1968: <<I would say that the most desperate need in your organization is for a supervisor of "script supervisors.">> (Barer, p.157)

UK: 2nd February 1969

S.T. und der Guru

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70546 (2002)


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