Episode #66 - 4-4

The Smart Detective

Brian Worth - Peter Corrio
Anne Lawson - Janice Dixon
Fabia Drake - Aunt Prudence
Barry Shawzin - Nick Nigkoma
Martin Miller - Mr. Justin
Reg Lye - George
Larry Taylor - Swann
Dennis Blake - Miller
Ron Welling - Garage Mechanic

Directed by John Moxey; Screenplay by Michael Cramoy
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

Simon gets an invitation to a jewellery exhibition. Responsible for the security is a certain Peter Corrio. In the last months he has solved several jewel robberies because he has a "criminal mind".
Later Templar meets Janice Dixon who is the sister of one of the robbers. She convinces Simon that her brother is innocent and Corrio was behind all the jewel thefts. But the Saint discovers that that's not the full truth...

* Fabia Drake also appears in Episode #40 "The Miracle Tea Party"
* Barry Shawzin also appears in Episode #58 "The Golden Frog"
* Martin Miller also appears in Episode #42 "Jeannine"
* Reg Lye also appears in Episodes #46 "The Loving Brothers" and #71 "The Old Treasure Story"
* Larry Taylor also appears in Episodes #20 "Iris" (uncredited), #30 "The Romantic Matron" (as Laurence Taylor), #51 "The Unkind Philanthropist", #72 "The Queen's Ransom", #104 "The Double Take" (uncredited) and #117 "Portrait of Brenda"
* Larry Taylor appears in the series "The Persuaders" in the episode "Chain of Events"
* Michael Cramoy also wrote for the radio series from the 40ies.
  Yes it's night, but why are there so many cars with lights on at the side of the street? (0:08 and 0:09).
It's the old painted drum trick in the car scenes (0:15).
  The same car chase was used in Episodes #22 "The Rough Diamonds" (0:39) and #66 "The Smart Detective" (0:17). [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski] This also explains why two different versions of the Volvo P1800 can be seen in the car chase - note the different bumpers. Footage of the old model is also used elsewhere.
This shot is reversed - check the number plate (0:20).
The name "Miss Dallas" was not really painted on the boat - it looks like a strip of adhesive tape (0:22).
The Asian lion prop was used in Episode #65 "The Smart Detective" (0:24) and in Episode #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:43). [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
  The boxing ring in Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring" is the same as in Episode #66 "The Smart Detective"  . [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]

UK: 22nd July 1965

S.T. und die Smaragde

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1043 (1994)


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