Episode #65 - 4-3

The Crooked Ring

Walter Brown - 'Doc' Spangler
Tony Wright - Steve Nelson
Meredith Edwards - Whitey Mullins
Jean Aubrey - Connie Grady
Nosher Powell - The Angel
John Tate - Dave Snyders
Barry Linehan - Max
Irvin Allen - Torpedo Smith
Doris Hare - Mrs. Barlow
MacDonald Hobley - Radio Commentator

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Terry Nation (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 
Adapted from "The Masked Angel" by Leslie Charteris

Connie Grady calls Simon for help because she believes that her friend, the boxer Steve Nelson, is in danger. As they watch a fight of Torpedo Smith against Steve's next opponent The Angel, Smith is clearly the better boxer. But suddenly Torpedo Smith begins to stagger and is knocked down and dies! Templar becomes suspicious. Does The Angel's manager, 'Doc' Spangler, have a hand in it?

OPINION: How realistic is it that Simon steps into the ring against a pro boxer (even if he's a bad boxer) and wins? You decide...

* Walter Brown also appears in Episodes #17 "The Elusive Ellshaw" and #58 "The Golden Frog"
* Tony Wright also appears in Episodes #7 "The Arrow of God" and #112 "Where the Money Is". He also appears in the episode "Someone Waiting" of The Persuaders
* Meredith Edwards also appears in Episode #68 "The Man Who Could Not Die"
* Nosher Powell also appears in Episode #86 "The Persistent Patriots"
* John Tate also appears in Episodes #46 "The Loving Brothers" and #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
* Barry Linehan also appears in Episode #20 "Iris"
The same extra actor appears in three episodes of the series: Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring", Episode #68 "The Man Who Could Not Die" and Episode #73 "Interlude in Venice. His name is unfortunately unknown. [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
The third and fourth rows of the audience are only paintings - if you look for it it looks very strange in all of the following scenes. (0:05)
  Note that footage of two different Volvo P1800 models is shown in this episode - they can be differentiated by the bumper designs. (0:20 and 0:35)
While Roger Moore does the closeups, it's a different actor in the long shots. He looks like Leslie Crawford. (0:29)
Roger Moore and Tony Wright are jogging in front of a screen - is that why Wright is running so strangely? (0:34)
The 'wall' behind Max looks quite false - no wonder, it's a painting... (0:36)
The Saint is even boxing with his laced shoes on! (0:45)
 Snyder's room set is the same as the one for McCleery in Episode #62 "The Happy Suicide" . (0:35)
  The boxing ring in Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring" is the same as in Episode #66 "The Smart Detective"  . [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]

UK: 15th July 1965

S.T. und die vierte Runde


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