Episode #86 - 5-15

The Persistent Patriots

Edward Woodward - Jack Liskard
Jan Waters - Mary
Judy Parfitt - Anne Liskard
Richard Leech - Stewart
Tenniel Evans - Brand
Mike Pratt - Jeff Peterson
Patrick O'Connell - Rogers
Nosher Powell - Benson
Michael Graham - Lockhart
Hugh Morton -  The Manservant
Joseph Greig - The Old Boatman
Gil Sutherland - The Young Boatman
Eric Longworth - Dr. Butcher

Directed by Roy Baker; Screenplay by Michael Pertwee (pdf Screenplay on Umbrella DVD)

On an African airport there is an assassination attempt on the prime minister of a British colony. Jack Liskard is on his way to London to negotitate freedom for his country. The Saint can prevent the attempted murder. Later Liskard seeks Simon's help when he gets blackmailed. Years ago Liskard had an affair with young Mary and wrote her letters. Templar goes and sees Mary who claims to know nothing about the whereabouts of the letters. Later Liskard is found almost dead - a suicide attempt?

* Michael Graham also appears in Episode #77 "The Convenient Monster"
* Hugh Morton also appears in Episode #115 "The Ex-King of Diamonds"
* Mike Pratt also appears in Episode #49 "The Imprudent Politician"
* Nosher Powell also appears in Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring"
* Originally titled "Recoil"
* An audio introduction to this episode by Peter Wyngarde can be found on the Umbrella DVD.

Leslie Charteris: <<The script of "Recoil"  is first-class, and the weaknesses I pointed out in the synosis [sic] have been well taken care of. [...]
I have one single specific little thing to pick on: ... after Rogers has fallen off the fire escape, the stage direction says that the Saint is "shaken". This is completely out of character. If it were not for TV tabus, the Saint would have actually slung him off, and been glad to do it. At least this is a chance to get over some of the Saint's real toughness. Let him just look grim, tight-lipped, and cold. But not "shaken". [...]
Incidentally, Pertwee is the first writer since Kruse who was enlivened his script with good Saintly dialogue.>> (Barer, p.143)

UK: 6th January 1967

Fast ein Skandal

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70348 (2001)


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