Episode #49 - 3-10

The Imprudent Politician

Anthony Bate - Christopher Waites
Jennifer Wright - Janet Waites
Justine Lord - Denise Grant
Michael Gough - Colin Philips
Maxwell Shaw - Spencer Vallance
Jeremy Burnham - Tim Burton
Mike Pratt - Alex Morgan
Jean Marsh - Helen Philips
John Bryans - Mister Anthony
Moray Watson - Ken Shield
Jimmy Gardner - Marine Mechanic

Directed by John Moxey; Screenplay by Norman Hudis

Christopher Waites, minister for international trade, is being blackmailed because of an affair with Denise Grant. Next monday he will make a speech which will have a positive effect on certain shares. The blackmailers want to know the contents of his speech - their goal is to gain profit with these shares. Time is running up for Waite - can Simon find the blackmailers before Waite has to give his speech?

* Anthony Bate also appears in Episodes #17 "The Elusive Ellshaw" and #107 "The House on Dragon's Rock"
* Justine Lord also appears in Episodes #23 "The Saint Plays With Fire", #26 "The Bunco Artists", #45 "The Saint Steps In", #63 "The Chequered Flag" and #109/110 "The Fiction Makers"
* Jeremy Burnham also appears in Episodes #84 "Flight Plan" and #85 "Escape Route"
* Mike Pratt also appears in Episode #86 "The Persistent Patriots"
* Jean Marsh also appears in Episodes #33 "The Good Medicine", #85 "Escape Route" and #108 "The Scales of Justice"
* Jean Marsh also appears in the episode "Five Miles to Midnight" of The Persuaders. She later played housemaid Rose in the internationally known series "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971-75)
* Maxwell Shaw also has a small role in the James Bond movie "Dr. No" (1962) and would later play a role in the episode "Someone Waiting" from "The Persuaders". [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
  Changes in the German dubbed version: When Spencer Vallance opens the envelope with the speech he finds a page with Simon Templar's initials and not the stick figure! (0:46)

UK: 10th December 1964

S.T. und ein halbseidenes Mädchen


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