Episode #33 - 2-21

The Good Medicine

Barbara Murray - Denise
Anthony Newlands - Philippe
Jean Marsh - Marie
Bill Nagy - David Stern
John Bennett - Count Alfredo
Veronica Turleigh - Madame Dumont
Bruce Montague - Jacques
Alexandra Dane - Mathilde

Directed by Roy Baker; Screenplay by Norman Borisoff (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 

This episode tells the story of Denise Dumont who married Philippe, a chemist, 10 years ago and then convinced him to help her create cosmetics with his formulas. After she got rich through the cosmetics she dumped her ill and (now) poor husband. The Saint decides to help Philippe and with the help of his sister Marie and his friend David Stern, a journalist, he fools Denise with a wonder pill to get money for Philippe.

* Barbara Murray also appears in Episode #20 "Iris"
* Anthony Newlands also appears in Episodes #12 "The Charitable Countess" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Jean Marsh also appears in Episodes #49 "The Imprudent Politician", #85 "Escape Route" and #108 "The Scales of Justice"
* Jean Marsh also appears in the episode "Five Miles to Midnight" of The Persuaders. She later played housemaid Rose in the internationally known series "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971-75)
* Bill Nagy also appears in Episodes #2 "The Latin Touch" and #8 "The Element of Doubt"
* Bill Nagy is one of the gangsters in "Goldfinger" and also had a role in "You'll Only Live Twice"
* John Bennett also appears in Episodes #28 "The Wonderful War", #53 "The Contract" and #94 "The Gadget Lovers"
* Commentary with Robert S. Baker and Roy Ward Baker on the network DVD

UK: 6th February 1964

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0502 (2003)
* DVD (PAL): network 7952455e (2006)


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