Episode #28 - 2-16

The Wonderful War

Renee Houston - Mrs. McAlister
Noel Purcell - Mike Kelly
Alfred Burke - Harry Shannet
Alec Mango - Abdul Aziz
Patrick Westwood - Major Hussein
David Graham - Ahmed
John Bennett - Raschid
Ferdy Mayne - The Imam
Louis Raynor - Karim
Jack Lambert - John McAndrew
Suzanna Leigh - Lilla McAndrew

Directed by Robert S. Baker; Screenplay by John Graeme

Lilla McAndrew asks Simon for help. Her father John and his partner Harry Shannet have found oil in the little Middle Eastern country Sayeda. But shortly after there was a revolution and John McAndrew has disappeared since. Templar and Lilla fly to Kuwait where they find Prince Karim, the son of the murdered ex-ruler of Sayeda. With only four people on his side the Saint plans to get the country back for the prince.

* Renee Houston also appears in Episode #37 "The Gentle Ladies"
* Noel Purcell also appears in Episode #81 "Little Girl Lost"
* Alfred Burke also appears in Episode #14 "Starring the Saint"
* Alec Mango also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" and #44 "The Revolution Racket"
* Patrick Westwood also appears in Episodes #40 "The Miracle Tea Party" and #72 "The Queen's Ransom"
* David Graham also appears in Episode #51 "The Unkind Philantropist"
* John Bennett also appears in Episodes #33 "The Good Medicine", #53 "The Contract" and #94 "The Gadget Lovers"
* Ferdy Mayne also appears in Episode #20 "Iris", #84 "Flight Plan" and #95 "A Double in Diamonds"
* Louis Raynor also appears in Episode #75 "The Reluctant Revolution"
This is not Roger Moore sitting on the couch - quite unusual, normally a stand-in would just be used for exterior scenes. (0:00) The same thing happens at 0:15.

UK: 2nd January 1964

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0501 (2003)


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