Episode #40 - 3-1

The Miracle Tea Party

Fabia Drake - Aunt Hattie
Nanette Newman - Geraldine McLeod
Conrad Phillips - Dr. Sandberg
Basil Dignam - Cmdr. Richardson
Charles Houston - Norton
Viktor Viko - Inescue
Patrick Westwood - Osbett
Robert Brown - Atkins
Edward Jewesbury - Franklin
Neville Whiting - Wilson
Michael Standing - Barlow

Directed by Roger Moore; Screenplay by Paddy Manning O'Brien

While the Saint is waiting at Waterloo Station a man seems to have a stroke in a nearby telephone cell. Simon finds a broken phial on the floor of the cell and suspects murder. A woman who saw the man die did know him because both were working at a naval base. It seems like the man was followed and he slipped a Miracle tea packet into her bag before his death. Inside the packet Geraldine finds a roll of banknotes worth £500. Which connection exists between the "Miracle Tea Party" radio show and the murder?

* Fabia Drake also appears in Episode #66 "The Smart Detective"
* Basil Dignam also appears in Episode #34 "The Invisible Millionaire"
* Charles Houston also appears in Episodes #11 "The Man Who Was Lucky", #21 "The King of the Beggars", #100 "Invitation to Danger" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint". He also appears in the episode "The Gold Napoleon" of The Persuaders
* Patrick Westwood also appears in Episodes #28 "The Wonderful War" and #72 "The Queen's Ransom"
* Robert Brown also appears in Episode #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire"
* Robert Brown was Roger Moore's sidekick in the series "Ivanhoe" and would later (in the eighties) re-join him on the big screen as M in the James Bond series
Although filmed on location at Waterloo Station some close-up shots were obviously made in the studio
The outside of Simon's apartment looks much different to the one shown in Episode #53 "The Contract". Here, in this episode you can see a stair right beside Templar's house. The location seems to be part of the back lot
A spotlight can be seen mirroring in the car (0:07)
  This shot of Templar watching (0:07) was also used in Episode #54 "The Set-Up" (0:30)  . It's interesting that in each episode the second part of the scene is different - in this episode Templar moves back into the shadow. [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
Aunt Hattie's house... ... was also used in Episode #45 "The Saint Steps In" as Professor Gray's house.
The ST1 number plate looks like it was just clamped over the actual number plate of the Volvo.
When The Saint looks at the pictures taken by Aunt Hattie in front of the drugstore, on one of them we can see fight arranger and sometimes actor Leslie Crawford. He doesn't appear in this episode as an actor though. (0:29) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
Watch Moore kicking away a box which would have probably hampered the shooting of this scene (0:43)

Roger Moore: <<[...] I remember I was directing one episode and we were shooting at Waterloo Station. All the scenes were tied in very precisely to the times of clocks and the arrival of trains because I was not, I'm afraid, able to have trains stop and start to my whim. I had actors coming from Vauxhall Bridge Station and I knew they'd be on a certain train so I had to be ready to shoot. During the morning I planned every scene to be shot that could be done without me in it. To this end I was wearing a disguise so I could just anonymously get on with being the director. I had an old hat, a moustache and glasses and I wore scruffy old clothes.
It was only a week later that my mother, who had come down to watch, told me that she overheard someone in the crowd point at me and say, 'Ooh, look at that Roger Moore. Isn't he scruffy? He don't look at all like he do on the telly, do he!'>> (Simper, p.30)

* You can find pictures of Roger Moore in disguise directing "The Miracle Tea Party" at Waterloo Station in "The Official 2003 Calendar" (August)
* Sir Roger Moore recalls directing this episode on
the Umbrella DVD release.

UK: 8th October 1964

S.T. und die Teestunde

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0503 (2003)


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