Episode #34 - 2-22

The Invisible Millionaire

Katherine Blake - Rosemary Chase
Michael Goodliffe - Dr. Quintus
Nigel Stock - Jim Chase
Eunice Gayson - Nora Prescott
Jane Asher - Ellen Chase
Basil Dignam - Marvin Chase
Mark Eden - Bertrand Tamblin
Charles Morgan - Inspector Welland
John Gabriel - Franklin
Ian Ainsley - Thompson
Frank Atkinson - Charley Dodds
Peter Lawrence - Bartender
Michael McKevitt - Waiter

Directed by Jeremy Summers; Screenplay by Kenneth Hayles

Millionaire Marvin Chase gets badly injured in an car crash - his whole face and his hands have to be bandaged due to severe burns. He's confined to his bed and cannot talk.
When he's starting to sell off all of his property his secretary Nora Prescott becomes sceptical. Just before she can talk to the Saint she gets murdered.
But Simon starts to look into the Chase case when he is asked for help by the stricken millionaire's daughter Ellen.

OPINION: A very good, well-written episode - although you suspect rather soon that there's something wrong with the injured millionaire.

* Eunice Gayson also appears in Episode #69 "The Saints Bids Diamonds"
* Eunice Gayson also appeared in the James Bond movies "Dr. No" (1962) and "From Russia With Love" (1963)
* Jane Asher also appears in Episode #29 "The Noble Sportsman"
* Basil Dignam also appears in Episode #40 "The Miracle Tea Party"
* John Gabriel also appears in Episode #59 "The Frightened Inn-Keeper"
* Peter Lawrence also appears in Episode #107 "The House on Dragon's Rock"
Rather unusual - the Saint is carrying a gun. He must have suspected something! (0:23)

UK: 13th February 1964

S.T. und der unsichtbare Millionär

* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 01413 (2001)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0249 (2003)


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