Episode #59 - 3-20

The Frightened Inn-Keeper

Michael Gwynn - Martin Jeffroll
Suzanne Neve - Julia Jeffroll
Percy Herbert - Tom Kane
Howard Marion-Crawford - Portmore
Norman Bird - Weems
John Gabriel - Yesterman
Edward Cast - Bellamy

Directed by Roy Baker; Screenplay by Norman Hudis (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 
Adapted from "The Case of the Frightened Inn-Keeper" by Leslie Charteris

Julia Jeffroll asks the Saint for help. Strange noises can be heard at night in her father's lonely country inn. Simon rents a room even though Julia's father protests. The only other guests are three men who served in the same unit some years ago. Simon picks an argument with one of them and soon discovers that they are digging a tunnel in the cellar. Are they really searching for a long lost treasure as Julia believes?

* Suzanne Neve also appears in Episode #27 "The Benevolent Burglary"
* Percy Herbert also appears in Episode #3 "The Careful Terrorist"
* Norman Bird also appears in Episodes #24 "The Well Meaning Mayor", #99 "The Best Laid Schemes" and #103 "The Organization Man"
* John Gabriel also appears in Episode #34 "The Invisible Millionaire"

UK: 18th February 1965

S.T. jagt Wühlmäuse


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