Episode #24 - 2-12

The Well Meaning Mayor

Leslie Sands - Sam Purdell
Mary Kenton - Alice Purdell
Norman Bird - Hackett
Mandy Miller - Molly
Noel Trevarthen - Jack Bryant
Cameron Hall - Alderman Greer
Kenneth Henry - Ironside
David Morell - Maxin
Robert Sansom - Coroner
John Gill - Dr. Yates

Directed by Jeremy Summers; Screenplay by Robert Stewart

Council member George Hackett is trying to prove that the mayor of Seatondean, Sam Purdell, is embezzling money from the city by means of the construction of the new city hall. Unfortunately he has an uncontrollable temper so no one believes him. After a confrontation with the mayor Hackett is found dead after a car crash - an inquest comes to the conclusion that Hackett was drunk. Templar knows that something is not right and offers Purdell a bribe...

* Norman Bird also appears in Episodes #59 "The Frightened Inn-Keeper", #99 "The Best Laid Schemes" and #103 "The Organization Man"
* Noel Trevarthen also appears in Episode #46 "The Loving Brothers"
  The boy who found the body of Hackett changes the arm he's pointing from one scene to the next (0:21).
Mayor Purdell looks so different in the fight scenes?! (0:34)
Is Roger Moore really high up on the scaffolding? No, not at all, you can see his shadow on the fake sky in the background... (0:44)

UK: 05th December 1963

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0500 (2003)


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