Episode #69 - 4-7

The Saint Bids Diamonds

Eunice Gayson - Christine Graner
George Murcell - Abdul Graner
Jean St. Clair - Madame Calliope
Gerard Heinz - Joris Van Linden
Peter Illing - Captain Garcia
Edward Bishop - George Felson
Neville Becker - Palermo
Laurence Herder - Lauber
Richard Montez - Teneriffe Policeman

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Pat & Jesse Lasky Jr.
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

Simon visits Teneriffe to bring back a precious diamond which has been stolen from the Louvre in Paris by a man named Abdul Graner. To sneak into Graner's company he intercepts George Felson at the airport, a man hired by Graner to cut the diamond. Templar now pretends to be Felson. Christine, Graner's wife, approaches Simon to steal the diamond from Graner's safe. The Saint agrees but Graner and his men catch him after the attempted theft. Graner forces Simon (which he still believes to be Felson) to cut the stone...

* Eunice Gayson also appears in Episode #34 "The Invisible Millionaire"
* Eunice Gayson also appeared in the James Bond movies "Dr. No" (1962) and "From Russia With Love" (1963)
* George Murcell also appears in Episode #88 "The Death Game" and #96 "The Power Artists"
* Jean St. Clair also appears in Episode #31 "Luella"
* Gerard Heinz also appears in Episode #25 "The Sporting Chance", #75 "The Reluctant Revolution" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate" (not credited)
* Peter Illing also appears in Episode #2 "The Latin Touch" and #75 "The Reluctant Revolution"
* Edward Bishop also appears in Episode #44 "The Revolution Racket", #45 "The Saint Steps In" and #79 "The Man Who Liked Lions"
* Edward Bishop was later a regular of the series "UFO" and also had an uncredited role in the 1971 James Bond movie "Diamonds are Forever" (latter information contributed by Bruce Vail)
* Neville Becker also appears in Episodes #12 "The Charitable Countess", #19 "The Work of Art" and #72 "The Queen's Ransom"
* Laurence Herder also appears in Episodes #76 "The Helpful Pirate"
* Richard Montez also appears in Episode #10 "The Golden Journey", #16 "Teresa", #44 "The Revolution Racket", #83 "Locate and Destroy", #92 "Simon and Delilah" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Until the end Graner still believes Templar to be Felson. Why doesn't he inquire why Felson was taken to the police?
The (redecorated) terrace set (0:38) is the same as the one used in Episodes #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:09) and #70 "The Spanish Cow" (0:13) .
* Commentary by Sir Roger Moore, Executive Producer Robert S. Baker & Guest Star Eunice Gayson on the Umbrella DVD

UK: 12th August 1965

S.T. auf Diamantenjagd


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