Episode #70 - 4-8

The Spanish Cow

Gary Raymond - Gilberto Arroyo
Viviane Ventura - Consuela Flores
Nancy Nevinson - Dona Luisa Arroyo
Arnold Diamond - Col. Latignant
Leonard Sachs - Diego Ramirez
Michael Wynne - Rene
David Jackson - Chico
Nicholas Donnelly - Jean
Terry York - Sancho

Directed by John Gilling; Screenplay by Michael Cramoy
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

Dona Luisa is the widow of General Arroyo, former ruler of the small country Santa Cruz. The government of the general has been overthrown but Dona Luisa who now lives in the South of France still has the jewels which the generals gave her as a present. The new democratic rulers want the jewels back but Dona Luisa is reluctant.
One day she and Consuela who works for her are attacked on the street. Luckily the Saint is there to help them. Dona Luisa asks Templar for assistance... She later even goes so far as to enable him to steal the jewels... and the Saint now has to decide between the different sides... Dona Luisa's, the police and General Arroyo's brother-in-law who wants to instigate a revolution in Santa Cruz...

* Arnold Diamond also appears in Episodes #26 "The Bunco Artists", #27 "The Benevolent Burglary", #48 "The Death Penalty", #67 "The Persistent Parasite" and #80 "The Better Mousetrap" (every time the same role!). Diamond also appears in the episode "Five Miles to Midnight" of The Persuaders
* Michael Wynne also appears in Episodes #31 "Luella" and #79 "The Man Who Liked Lions"
* David Jackson also appears in Episode #45 "The Saint Steps In"
* Nicholas Donnelly also appears in Episode #94 "The Gadget Lovers"
* Michael Cramoy also wrote for the radio series from the 40ies.
* Watch a commentary video with actress Viviane Ventura who played Consuela Flores in this episode on Youtube channel "Lives in the Pictures" here.
The hidden safe (0:08) is the same as the one used in Episodes #54 "The Set-Up" (0:27) and #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:31). Even some of the books at the side are the same.
The terrace set (0:13) is the same as the one used in Episodes #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:09) and (redecorated) #69 "The Saint Bids Diamonds" (0:38) .
The set for this scene (0:18) is the same as the one used in Episode #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:04) .
This is same car model as the Bad Guys' Mercedes but the color looks much darker. (0:26)

Leslie Charteris, 14th April 1965: <<The only ingredients that this script has in common with my story are (1) that it takes place on the Riviera, and (2) that one of the chief characters is a very unattractive old woman plastered with jewels who is called "The Spanish Cow." [...]
As another gratuitous cheapening of even the barely recognizable remnants of my original, I formally notify you that this script is another violation of page 3, item C of my contract that clearly says: "There is not granted the right to create new stories of the Saint.">> (Barer, p.132)

UK: 19th August 1965


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