Episode #80 - 5-9

The Better Mousetrap

Alexandra Stewart - Natalie Sheridan
Madge Ryan - Bertha Noversham
Ronnie Barker - Alphonse
Arnold Diamond - Col. Latignant
Lisa Daniely - Milo Gambodi
Patrick Whyte - Bernie Kovar
Eddie Byrne - Tench
Michael Coles - Hugo
Aimee Delemain -  Lady Haverstock
Marika Rivera - Concierge
Pauline Collins - Marie-Therese
Alan Downer - Gendarme
Robert Bridges - Fat Man
Tom Macaulay - Banker
Vicky Hughes - Mireille

Directed by Gordon Flemyng; Screenplay by Leigh Vance

Simon is on holiday on the Côte d'Azur. Mysterious jewel thefts happen in Cannes. There seems to be an insider in the society who informs the thiefs about lucrative loot. Although the Saint is (as usual) suspected by Colonel Latignant all clues lead to beautiful Natalie Sheridan.

OPINION: This episode has my favourite female guest star: Alexandra Stewart. Unfortunately she didn't appear in another episode of "The Saint" (as so many others did).

* Arnold Diamond also appears in Episodes #26 "The Bunco Artists", #27 "The Benevolent Burglary", #48 "The Death Penalty", #67 "The Persistent Parasite" and #70 "The Spanish Cow" (every time the same role!). Diamond also appears in the episode "Five Miles to Midnight" of The Persuaders
* Eddie Byrne also appears in Episode #11 "The Man Who Was Lucky", #63 "The Chequered Flag" and #118 "The World Beater". He also had a role as General Willard in "Star Wars" (1977)
* Vicky Hughes also appears in Episode #92 "Simon and Delilah".
Look at the background in this car scene: it's just a drum with gold foil on it! (0:05)
  The rooms of Lady Haverstock and Templar are the same - look at the view from the window. (0:03 and 0:22)

Colonel Latignant: "Do not confuse this argument with fact!"

Bernie Kovar: "You're an awful bore when you're drunk." Milo Gambodi: "And you're an awful bore when I'm sober!"

UK: 25th November 1966

S.T. und die Juwelendiebe

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1045 (1995)
* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70232 (2001)


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