Episode #118 - 6-21

The World Beater

Patricia Haines - Kay Collingwood
John Ronane - Justin Pritchard
James Kerry - George Hapgood
George A. Cooper - Harold Laker
Eddie Byrne - Mr. Hapgood (Snr.)

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Donald James

Harold Laker is the sponsor of the Laker Rally straight through England. George Hapgood has developed a car and hopes to get investments from Laker. But when Simon is on a test drive the car crashes into a tree. Someone has tampered with the mechanics! Hapgood gives up his plans. But when Simon learns that Kay Collingwood is working for Hapgood's rival and cousin Justin Pritchard he knows that something isn't quite right...

* John Ronane also appears in Episode #20 "Iris". He also appears in the episode "A Home of One's Own" of The Persuaders
* George A. Cooper also appears in Episode #22 "The Rough Diamonds"
* Eddie Byrne also appears in Episodes #11 "The Man Who Was Lucky", #63 "The Chequered Flag" and #80 "The Better Mousetrap". He also had a role as General Willard in "Star Wars" (1977)
Doesn't he fear to leave fingerprints behind? (0:22)
* Wouldn't Justin Pritchard notice before the race that this isn't his car when he checks it?

Leslie Charteris, 10th February 1968: <<As always, I deplore the lack of inventiveness and originality which gets the Saint involved yet again by means of the "good old friend" device. [...] It makes the Saint a basically inert character who just happens to be lucky enough to be dragged into exciting plots once a week.>> (Barer, p.153)

UK: 9th February 1969

Mit hundert Sachen in die Kurve

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70546 (2002)

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