Episode #62 - 3-23

The Happy Suicide

Jane Merrow - Lois Norroy
John Bluthal - Ziggy Zaglan
William Sylvester - Ralph Damian
Jerry Stovin - Ted Coblin
William Dexter - Paul Zaglan
Donald Sutherland - McCleery
Fred Sadoff - Capt. Williams
Mavis Villiers - The Texas Mother
Kevin Brennan - Jack Gill
and Annie Ross
Leslie Crawford - (uncredited)

Directed by Robert Tronson; Screenplay by Brian Degas
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

Ziggy Zaglan is a famous TV show host in the US. One of his authors is his own brother Paul. Some day Paul quits because he can't stand the dirty life behind the scenes anymore. Before he leaves he announces that he has a contract for three movie scripts... and also wants to write a book about Ziggy's show. Ziggy, his producer Ralph Damian and his agent Ted Coblin fear that Paul will wash dirty linen in the public.
The day after Paul is found dead - apparently he hanged himself. Simon is sceptic - why should a happy man commit suicide? All clues lead to James McCleary who's sister died on Ziggy's boat under mysterious circumstances a few years ago...

* Jane Merrow also appears in Episode #78 "The Angel's Eye"
* John Bluthal also appears in Episode #52 "The Damsel in Distress"
* William Sylvester also appears in Episode #73 "Interlude in Venice"
* Jerry Stovin also appears in Episodes #14 "Starring the Saint" and #60 "Sibao"
* William Dexter also appears in Episode #22 "The Rough Diamonds"
* Donald Sutherland also appears in Episode #85 "Escape Route"
* Donald Sutherland is a famous movie actor
Rosemary Donnelly - according to IMDB - appears here as Arlene McCleery (photo only) and  later in Episode #118 "The World Beater"
John Bluthal's over-the-top performance is just perfect for the sleazy TV show host
You can see someone rise in the reflection of the terrace door - before Paul Zaglan rises in the next scene. (0:13)
The background is clearly a painting (0:15) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
Although the set for the boat has a slightly different furniture than the one used in Episode #67 "The Persistent Parasites" (0:38) it is the same - the pattern of the upholstery and the door curtain give it away (0:21).
  Note how actor Donald Sutherland first spills booze over his pullover, which is clearly visible throughout the scene - until it suddenly disappears completely after a cut. (0:35)
 McCleery's room set is the same as the one for Snyder in Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring" .
The actor in the chair is Leslie Crawford, uncredited here. Crawford also appears in Episode #97 "When Spring is Sprung" and #100 "Invitation to Danger" (credited as Les Crawford). He also seems to be the "Leslie Crawford" mentioned in the end credits as Fight Arranger. [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
* Commentary with Jane Merrow on the Umbrella DVD.

UK: 11th March 1965

S.T. und ein Selbstmord


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