Episode #22 - 2-10

The Rough Diamonds

Douglas Wilmer - Alan Uttershaw
George A. Cooper - Milton Ourley
Vanda Godsell - Tina Ourley
Paul Stassino - Ricco
Jemma Hyde - Barbara Sinclair
Michael Meacham - George Stanton
William Dexter - Gabriel Linnet
Ray Austin - Joe
Geoffrey Palmer - Pete Ferguson
Frank Jarvis - Johnny Maxwell
Fredric Abbott - Ned Walsh (uncredited)

Directed by Peter Yates; Screenplay by Bill Strutton

Alan Uttershaw asks Templar to accompany him on a transport of valuable rough diamonds for industry purposes. On the way from the airport the transport with the diamonds gets robbed. Gabriel Linnet who is co-owner of the company that was responsible for the transport of the diamonds was involved in the robbery but looses his nerves when he learns that two security men were killed during the theft. But before he can make a confession he gets murdered... and someone tries to pin the blame on the Saint. Since only few people knew that Simon was on the way to Linnet he is soon on the track of the mastermind behind the diamond robbery.

* Peter Yates is a movie director of films like "Krull" (1983), "The House on Carroll Street" (1988) or "An Innocent Man" (1989)
* Douglas Wilmer would later appear in the James Bond movie "Octopussy" (1983)
* George A. Cooper also appears in Episode #118 "The World Beater"
* Paul Stassino also appears in Episodes #9 "The Effete Angler", #48 "The Death Penalty", #73 "Interlude in Venice" and #115 "The Ex-King of Diamonds"
* Paul Stassino is the Vulcan fighter pilot in the James Bond movie "Thunderball" (1965)
* William Dexter also appears in Episode #62 "The Happy Suicide"
* Ray Austin also appears in Episodes #13 "The Fellow Traveller", #52 "The Damsel in Distress" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate". He would later direct Episodes #102 "The Desperate Diplomat" and #111 "The People Importers"
* The uncredited Fredric Abbott also appears in Episodes #78 "The Angel's Eye" and #99 "The Best Laid Schemes"
The house 'Oslo Court' can also be seen in Episode #61 "The Crime of the Century". Even the same window is open. (0:25) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
  The same car chase was used in Episodes #22 "The Rough Diamonds" (0:39) and #66 "The Smart Detective" (0:17). [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
* Bill Strutton was one of the writers for the "Ivanhoe" series... starring Roger Moore!

UK: 21th November 1963

S.T. und eine Kiste voll Diamanten

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0500 (2003)


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