Episode #108 - 6-11

The Scales of Justice

Andrew Keir - Gilbert Kirby
Jean Marsh - Anne Kirby
Mark Burns - Elliott Stratton
Gillian Lind - Mrs. Stratton
John Barron - Neal Lammerton
Geoffrey Chater - Carl Howard
Ronald Leigh Hunt - John Ramsey
Victor Maddern - Jim Cowdry
Leon Cortez - Mac

Directed by Robert Asher; Screenplay by Robert Holmes

5 managers of "Combined Holdings" company have died under mysterious circumstances in the last 5 months. Sir John Mulliner ask Simon for help - but dies from a heart attack before he can explain his suspicions to Templar. The Saint asks the other members of the management to not appear publicly until the case is cleared up. This isn't as easy as he might have thought because Gilbert Kirby will be made Lord Mayor of London the next day...

* Jean Marsh also appears in Episodes #33 "The Good Medicine", #49 "The Imprudent Politician" and #85 "Escape Route"
* Jean Marsh also appears in the episode "Five Miles to Midnight" of The Persuaders. She later played housemaid Rose in the internationally known series "Upstairs, Downstairs" (1971-75)
* Ronald Leigh Hunt also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God" and #43 "The Scorpion"
* Victor Maddern also appears in Episode #87 "The Fast Women"
* Leon Cortez also appears in Episode #43 "The Scorpion"
The building in the background is just a painting. (0:26)
The Volvo appears in this episode with yellow number plates.

Leslie Charteris, 17th April 1968: <<Only television executives, their ancestral generation of B-picture producers and pulp magazine editors, and the infantile public they are supposedly catering to, could believe in a paranoiac who dedicates himself to murdering an entire board of directors, or some seven or eight people, because his father "died of overwork and a broken heart" and his "inheritance vanished."
My personal incredulity goes still farther, and refuses to accept the assumption that a tiny needle passing through the neighbourhood of the heart would cause all the symptoms of "a plain simple Coronary" with "no sign of ... anything suspicious." [...]
If you are reduced to considering outlines like "The Scales of Justice" by Robert Holmes, you have my sympathy. Today's available writers must be a miserably witless lot.">> (Barer, p.154)

Leslie Charteris, 25th April 1968: <<This supposedly final script ("The Scales of Justice") reached me yesterday. Since my immediate comments on the outline were only mailed to you on April 17th, there is an inescapable assumption that the script must have been authorized without waiting one moment for any observations I might have had to make on the outline - if indeed it was not already in the works when the outline was mailed to me.>> (Barer, p.155)

UK: 1st December 1968

S.T. und die Nadel

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70469 (2002)

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