Episode #10 - 1-10

The Golden Journey

Erica Rogers - Belinda
Stella Bonheur - Joan West
Paul Whitsun-Jones - Woodcutter
Roger Delgado - Hotel Manager
David Lawton - Guardia Civile
Richard Montez - Head Waiter
Ricardo Cortes - Guitarist

Directed by Robert S. Baker; Screenplay by Lewis Davidson (pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 

Costa Brava, Spain: In one week Simon will attend the wedding of his best friend Jack. There's only one problem: Jack's soon-to-be wife Belinda Deane is a spoiled brat. Therefore the Saint plans to literally bring her on the right path: He steals all her money and jewelry so that Belinda has to rely on him. His plan is to hike one week with her to Tormes where Belinda is supposed to meet Jack.

* This episode was directed by one of the series' producers, Robert S. Baker.
* Erica Rogers also appears in Episodes #6 "The Pearls of Peace", #41 "Lida" and #71 "The Old Treasure Story"
* Paul Whitsun-Jones also appears in Episodes #14 "Starring the Saint", #16 "Teresa" and #52 "The Damsel in Distress"
* Roger Delgado also appears in Episode #83 "Locate and Destroy"
* Richard Montez also appears in Episodes #16 "Teresa", #44 "The Revolution Racket", #69 "The Saint Bids Diamonds", #83 "Locate and Destroy", #92 "Simon and Delilah" and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
For this episode a pair of doubles was used. It's obvious to see through most of the episode. The doubles weren't filmed in Spain - actually it was Wales. (Simper, p.20)
Notice the "Hotel Perla" in Santa Domingo - it appears in Mexico in Episode #6 "The Pearls of Peace". The footage was also used in Episode #16 "Teresa" (0:11)
  While the Saint just gave flat shoes to Belinda, her double still wears the high heels in the following scene (0:21 and 0:22).
The set of the bar was also used in Episode #6 "The Pearls of Peace".

Robert S. Baker: <<As a matter of fact Lew Grade wasn't very happy with The Golden Journey, essentially because there was no fighting in it. Lew always liked each show to have at least one battle. I could have altered the story, but in this case I decided to keep close to Leslie [Charteris]'s original.>> (Simper, p.20)

UK: 6th December 1962

* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 01413 (2001)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0248 (2003)


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