The studio backlot

A lot of times in the series the studio backlot at Associated British Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire was used for filming. This page is intended to show you the various redresses of the set.

Production Supervisor Johnny Goodman: "...the back lot which would double as everything from Berlin to Hong Kong, just changing the signs and shutters on the cafes and garages etc". (Simper, p.61)

The Street

A street on the backlot, quite numerously used throughout the series.

The Corner Flat

Just around the corner from the street this scene features a flat on a corner. Next to it and opposite (a bit to the left) are shops with a glass front. Also located here is the entrance that was used in the colour episodes as Templar's home.

The Double Doors

Sets of double doors in different colours, used in many of the colour episodes.

The Corridor

This corridor was used in several of the colour episodes.

The Mercedes

Well, not exactly a studio location but it was used in several episodes: a green Mercedes.


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Last updated: 09/14/2021