Episode #58 - 3-19

The Golden Frog

Jacqueline Ellis - Alice Nestor
Hugh McDermott - Nestor
Alan Tilvern - Capt. Quintana
Walter Brown - General Cuevas
Alex McCrindle - Fergus MacLish
Inia Te Wiata - Loro
Alvaro Fontana - Julio
Barry Shawzin - Paco
Alan Curtis - Vargas

Directed by John Moxey; Screenplay by Michael Cramoy (2 pdf Screenplays on network DVD) 

Fergus MacLish, an old friend of Templar, has asked him for help because a trickster who calls himself Professor Nestor and his daughter Alice have cheated him out of a lot of money. When the Saint arrives in the town of San Carlos in Latin America where MacLish has a little bar he is intercepted by the clumsy Julio who works for General Cuevas. Cuevas wants to overthrow the government. A third party arrives in the person of Captain Quintana from the local police who is on the search for the hideout of Cuevas.
When the Saint pretends to finance Nestor's trip for the aztec golden frogs hidden somewhere in the jungle he takes the opportunity to play the three parties off against each other - for the sake of his friend MacLish.

* Jacqueline Ellis also appears in Episode #38 "The Ever-Loving Spouse"
* Walter Brown also appears in Episodes #17 "The Elusive Ellshaw" and #65 "The Crooked Ring"
* Barry Shawzin also appears in Episode #66 "The Smart Detective"
* Alan Curtis also appears in Episode #48 "The Death Penalty"
* Michael Cramoy also wrote for the radio series from the 40ies.
The footage with the landing airplane was also used in Episode #60 "Sibao". (0:00)
The building used here as the entrance to the airport iwas often used in the series to depict hotels or office buildings, for example in Episode #46 "The Loving Brothers". (0:02)
Julio is threatening Templar with a gun for quite a while in front of an airport - and nobody notices? (0:03)
Captain Quintana drives Templar to the boat in uniform - don't they fear that someone will notice? (0:32)
The scene with the thrown knife was filmed backwards and the knife was pulled away by a string. (0:36)

UK: 11th February 1965

Last Updated: 10/27/2017