Episode #68 - 4-6

The Man Who Could Not Die

Patrick Allen - Miles Hallin
Jennie Linden - Moyna Stanford
Robin Phillips - Nigel Perry
Richard Wyler - Roddy Morton
Meredith Edwards - Emrys Pugh
Mary Jones - Mrs. Pugh

Directed by Roger Moore; Screenplay by Terry Nation
Adapted from the original story by Leslie Charteris

The father of Nigel Perry died in Australia while on a business trip with his partner Miles Hallin. Nigel is his successor. He soon notices that Hallin often withdraws money from the business account - it looks like Hallin is being blackmailed. Perry therefore asks Templar for help. And indeed both observe Hallin when he deposits the money for the blackmailer the same evening. The next day the blackmailer is found dead by Inspector Teal - murdered!
When Hallin goes on a hunting trip with Nigel the Saint fears the worst for the latter one... When Simon and Nigel's fiancée Moyna arrive in Wales Miles and Nigel just left for some unexplored caves...

* Jennie Linden also appears in Episode #75 "The Reluctant Revolution"
* Richard Wyler also appears in Episode #52 "The Damsel in Distress"
* Meredith Edwards also appears in Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring"
* Mary Jones also appears in Episodes #53 "The Contract" and #84 "Flight Plan"
The same extra actor appears in three episodes of the series: Episode #65 "The Crooked Ring", Episode #68 "The Man Who Could Not Die" and Episode #73 "Interlude in Venice. His name is unfortunately unknown. [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
The same scene was used in Episode #53 "The Contract. It's also the old model of the Volvo P1800. (0:06)
Something that can be seen several times in the series - an empty car with headlights on at the side of the street. Why? (0:07)
  Throughout the whole scene in the car the perspective changes between Simon and Moyna but the angle for the background does not. (0:18)
The (fake) rock moves slightly when actor Robin Phillips loses his hold. (0:33)
The "water" on the floor looks like a big moving plastic sheet. (0:36)

UK: 05th August 1965


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