Episode #15 - 2-3


Julie Christie - Judith
David Bauer - Burt Northwade
Margo Johns - Ellen Northwade
John McLaren - Dr. Northwade
John Serret - Inspector Lavin
Ross Parker - Sgt. Soustelle
Warren Stanhope - Tom MacKinnon
Robert MacLeod - Hal Sinfield
William Greene - Jim Wallace
Andre Boulay - Garner
Ronald Wilson - Desk Clerk
Georges Robin - French Waiter

Directed by Robert Lynn; Screenplay by Leonard Grahame

Dr. Northwade has invented a new gas turbine motor but ran out of money. Because of this he has given the rights for the engine to his brother in exchange for money. Now the brother, Burt Northwade, wants to sell the rights to the highest bidder.
A young girl almost drives into Simon's car - she introduces herself as Dr. Northwade's daughter Judith who wants to steal back the plans. Templar has a relationship with her and tries to help her... without knowing her secret.

* David Bauer also appears in Episodes #8 "The Element of Doubt", #20 "Iris", #38 "The Ever-Loving Spouse" and #93 "Island of Chance"
* John McLaren also appears in Episodes #21 "The King of the Beggars" and #60 "Sibao"
* John Serret also appears in Episodes #64 "The Abductors", #72 "The Queen's Ransom" and #90 "To Kill A Saint"
* Warren Stanhope also appears in Episodes #6 "The Pearls of Peace", #100 "Invitation to Danger" and #112 "Where the Money Is"
* Robert MacLeod also appears in Episode #56 "The Inescapable Word"
* Andre Boulay also appears in Episode #4 "The Covetous Headsman"
* Ronald Wilson also appears in Episodes #7 "The Arrow of God" (uncredited) and #9 "The Effete Angler"
The name Judith Northwade reappears in Episode #42 "Jeannine" - in a list presented by Seargent Leduc as one of the names used by Jeannine Roger in the past. Was it planned that the role of Jeannine there played by Sylvia Syms is the same as the one played by Julie Christie here? (0:16) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
The circle of light is not caused by the flashlight but by a spotlight (0:38).

Robert S. Baker: <<It was an interesting thing with Christie. When she was playing her first scene she was very hesitant. She kept forgetting her lines and the director ended up breaking them down into small sections. Watching her on the set we weren't terribly impressed but when we saw the rushes the next day the whole thing lit up. Amazing. This was before Darling.>> (Simper, p.20)

UK: 3rd October 1963

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0251 (2003)


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