Episode #64 - 4-2

The Abductors

Dudley Foster - Jones
Robert Urquhart - Brian Quell
Annette André - Madeline
Jennifer Jayne - Olga
Robert Cawdron - Sgt. Leduc
John Serret - Insp. Quercy
Nicholas Courtney - Alain
Ronald Ibbs - Professor Quell
Sandor Elés - Hotel Clerk
David Garfield - Peter
Martin Wyldeck - Mr. Marson

Directed by Jeremy Summers; Screenplay by Brian Degas (pdf Screenplay on network DVD)
Adapted from "The Gold Standard" by Leslie Charteris

In Paris the Saint meets Brian Quell, the brother of an important English scientist. He asks Simon for help because he fears that he has been followed in the last days. He is right and Templar accompanies Quell to his hotel. Later, Jones, one of the men, kills Quell to bring his brother to Paris. Simon finds the Brian Quell dead in his hotel room. When the police arrives the Saint flees into another room. There he meets Madeline who won a weekend trip to Paris. Her trip was boring so far... but that will change soon with the Saint around...

* Annette André also appears in Episodes #45 "The Saint Steps In", #46 "The Loving Brothers", #90 "To Kill A Saint" and #107 "The House on Dragon's Rock"
* Robert Cawdron also appears in Episodes #4 "The Covetous Headsman", #19 "The Work of Art", #42 "Jeaninne" and #90 "To Kill A Saint" (all: same role)
* The character of Inspector Quercy appears several times in the series although played almost every time by a different actor. It's Eugene Deckers in Episode #4 "The Covetous Headsman", Manning Wilson in #19 "The Work of Art" and #42 "Jeannine" and John Serret in # 64 "The Abductors" and #90 "To Kill A Saint"
* John Serret also appears in Episodes #15 "Judith", #72 "The Queen's Ransom" and #90 "To Kill A Saint"
* Nicholas Courtney also appears in Episode #53 "The Contract", although uncredited there. [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]
* Ronald Ibbs also appears in Episodes #32 "The Lawless Lady" and #56 "The Inescapable Word"
* Sandor Elés also appears in Episodes #74 "The Russian Prisoner" and #112 "Where the Money Is"
* David Garfield also appears in Episode #107 "The House on Dragon's Rock"
* Martin Wyldeck also appears in Episodes #29 "The Noble Sportsman", #78 "The Angel's Eye" and #104 "The Double Take"
When Jones shoots at the French policeman in the telephone cell it's only powder that comes out of the gun. (0:27)
Why doesn't Professor Quell inquire why the fake policeman doesn't check Jones? (0:28)
Once again... it's the bad guys' Mercedes!
Amazing: Seargent Leduc is parking at exactly the same spot as he did earlier that day... ;-)

UK: 8th July 1965

S.T. und das Wochenende in Paris


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