Episode #39 - 2-27

The Saint Sees it through

Margit Saad - Lili
Joseph Furst - Dr. Zellerman
Elspeth March - Tanta Ada
Guy Deghy - Eberhard
Larry Cross - John Hamilton
Gordon Sterne - Fritz Kapel
Carl Duering - Police Captain
Peter Perkins - Otto
Graeme Bruce - Policeman
Caron Gardner - Hat-Check Girl

Directed by Robert S. Baker; Screenplay by Ian Martin

Templar is asked to assist to uncover a smuggling ring in Hamburg because a former girlfriend is involved somehow. The Saint travels to Hamburg to thwart the smuggling of the famous Rafael miniatures which are in possession of the ring. His contact in Hamburg leads him to the nightclub "Tante Ada's" on the Reeperbahn where his former girlfriend Lili Klausner is a singer in the club. Old feelings for Lili get revived...

* Joseph Furst also appears in Episodes #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire" and #74 "The Russian Prisoner"
* Elspeth March also appears in Episode #7 "The Arrow of God"
* Guy Deghy also appears in Episodes #5 "The Loaded Tourist", #74 "The Russian Prisoner" (same role as Episode #5) and #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Gordon Sterne also appears in Episode #82 "Paper Chase"
* Carl Duering also appears in Episode #82 "Paper Chase"
* Caron Gardner also appears in Episodes #96 "The Power Artists" and #109/110 "The Fiction Makers"
  If you know the layout of the backlot this is a very funny sequence - Kapel leaves "Tante Ada's" (which is spelled wrong, in German it should be "Tante Adas") and enters his place somewhere in Hamburg - which is on the same street side on the backlot, just a few meters away! (0:19)

UK: 5th March 1964

* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0250 (2003)


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