Episode #82 - 5-11

Paper Chase

Ronald Hines - Redman
Niall McGinnis - Colonel Probst
Penelope Horner - Hanya
Gordon Gostelow - Metz
Jack Gwillim - Major Carter
Carl Duering - Kruger
Michael Beint - Dieter
Steve Plytas - Ernst Schwerin
Anthony Wager - The Lieutenant
Norma West - Receptionist
John G. Heller - Major
Hans de Vries - Sergeant
Paul Williamson - London Policeman
Gordon Sterne - Vopos
Frank Maher - Kraft
John Herrington - Porter
Carl Conway - Steward

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Harry W. Junkin from a story by Michael Cramoy

Coming home after a party early in the morning Simon observes a man being threatened by another man. Later Templar is approached by Major Carter. The man from the embankment, Eric Redman, has stolen a top secret file with names of the agents in East Germany. With the document, he wants to buy the freedom of his father who is still in this country. Simon is sent behind the Iron Curtain to get the document back...

* Penelope Horner also appears in Episodes #54 "The Set-Up" and #74 "The Russian Prisoner". She also appears in the episode "Someone Waiting" of The Persuaders
* Jack Gwillim also appears in Episode #9 "The Effete Angler" and #76 "The Helpful Pirate" (same role as here)
* Carl Duering also appears in Episode #39 "The Saint Sees it through"
* Steve Plytas also appears in Episode #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint"
* Anthony Wager also appears in Episodes #20 "Iris" and #82 "Paper Chase"
* John G. Heller also appears in Episode #32 "The Lawless Lady"
* Gordon Sterne also appears in Episode #39 "The Saint Sees it through"
* Frank Maher also appears in Episode #109/110 "The Fiction Makers"
Unusual for the series there are quite a few exterior shots in this episode, even with Roger Moore... (0:00)
A trick used several times in the series - the long corridor is just a painted wall. (0:03)
  The shop can be first seen as Ernst Schwerin's in Berlin, later it is in the background of the Leipzig station - no wonder, it's located on the studio backlot... (0:07 and 0:37)
The sign shouldn't read "GEPACKAUFBEWRUNG" - the correct word is "GEPÄCKAUFBEWAHRUNG" (0:24). They got it right on the small signs (0:33).
When Carl Roteman died in 1967, why do posters in the street still advertise events in September 1966? [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]

Leslie Charteris: <<While it has a plot, and the requisite number of supposedly exciting events, it seemed to plod along in a predictable and routine way. [...] It is a pity that this script wasn't worked out with some of the novel twists and surprises which have enlivened some other recent scenarios.>> (Barer, p.140)

UK: 9th December 1966

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70233 (2001)


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