Episode #1 - 1-1

The Talented Husband

Derek Farr - John Clarron
Shirley Eaton - Adrienne Halberd
Patricia Roc - Madge Clarron
George Roderick - Mario
Donald Churchill - Dr. Sprague
Norman Mitchell - Mr. Smith
John Kelland - Gilbert
Howard Douglas - Ticket Collector
Clemence Bettany - Chemist

Directed by Michael Truman; Screenplay by Jack Sanders (pseudonym of Harry W. Junkin(pdf Screenplay on network DVD) 

Wealthy Madge Clarron has an accident and is bound to stay in bed. Her husband, unsuccessful Actor/Producer John Clarron, sees after her. Clarron hires housekeeper Mrs. Jefferty.
Simon Templar investigates since the two former Mrs. Clarrons all died in accidents. Insurance investigator Adrienne Halberd assists.

* According to the audio commentary by Robert S. Baker on the Umbrella DVD this episode was actually written by Harry W. Junkin under the "Jack Sanders" pseudonym.
* This is not only the first episode shown on TV but also the first one written & shot. (audio commentary)
* Shirley Eaton also appears in Episodes #9 "The Effete Angler" and #100 "Invitation to Danger"
* Shirley Eaton is the golden girl from "Goldfinger"
* John Kelland also appears in Episode #23 "The Saint Plays with Fire"
* Howard Douglas also appears in Episode #29 "The Noble Sportsman"
When John Clarron walks over to Adrienne's house the first time she seems to notice him although he's in her back. Seems like Clarron's greeting was forgotten to be edited in (0:07).
In the scene when John Clarron visits Adrienne before his departure to London: Look closely at the Clarron's house, when Simon and Clarron leave. It's clearly to see that it's just a painting (0:25).
* Commentary with Sir Roger Moore, Robert S. Baker & Johnny Goodman on the Umbrella DVD

* Commentary with Robert S. Baker, Johnny Goodman and Ken Baker on the network DVD

UK: 4th October 1962

S.T. trifft eine alte Freundin

* VHS (PAL): ITC 1038 (1991)
* DVD (PAL): Carlton 37115 00813 (2000)
* DVD (PAL): Umbrella DAVID0246 (2003)
* DVD (PAL): network 7952455a (2006)


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