Episode #105 - 6-8

The Time to Die

Suzanne Lloyd - Mary Ellen Brent
Maurice Good - Steven Lyall
John Barcroft - Dinny Haigh
Terence Rigby - Charlie Mason
Freddie Jones - Martin Graves
Monica Grey - Donna Sumrie
Linda Marlowe - Laura Carlton

Directed by Roy Ward Baker; Screenplay by Terry Nation  (pdf Screenplay on Umbrella DVD)

Someone tries to scare the Saint. The first attempt occurs with a harmless snake. More attempts follow. Crook Charlie Mason tries to install a bomb in Simon's apartment but Templar catches him red-handed. When Mason gets killed with a knife later the Saint then knows that the killer does really mean it. The final confrontation is on a graveyard...

* Suzanne Lloyd also appears in Episode #31 "Luella", #35 "The High Fence", #44 "The Revolution Racket", #79 "The Man Who Liked Lions" and #92 "Simon and Delilah"
* Maurice Good also appears in Episode #81 "Little Girl Lost"
* Terence Rigby also appears in Episode #78 "The Angel's Eye"
The Volvo P1800 appears here with a white front and a yellow back number plate. (0:01)
Why have the bullet holes from Dinny Haigh's shots disappeared when Templar starts shooting at the target? (0:06)
It looks like the actor who plays the dead Sumrie swallows. (0:19)
The background in this scene is a painting (0:20). This is strange because the later scene with the chauffeur was obviously filmed on the actual back lot (0:39).
The wall ornament with the little door was also used in Episode #104 "The Double Take".
The frames for the double doors were used here but this time with glass doors.
How stupid can Mason's girlfriend be? She sounds the horn with her leg... Why doesn't she hide at all when the killer is around? She even stands up to get a better look! (0:34)
The only way the Saint could have hidden in the locker is when the killer couldn't see him. But how could Templar have known that the killer has to turn around to pull the lever? (0:46)
I am pretty sure that I have seen this car wreck in one of the episodes. Contributor Wojciech Trojanowski suggests that it could be the burning car from Episode #101 "Legacy for the Saint" (0:07). The hood is bent in a different angle, but it could be indeed the same car! (0:44)
Who is the strange man who can be seen in the hole in the floor? (0:45) [Submitted by Wojciech Trojanowski]

Leslie Charteris, 24th March 1968: <<Terry Nation's script now called "The Time Time to Die" is, as I expected, a good exercise in the genre which might be catalogued as "atmospheric," meaning that no one is supposed to probe too deeply into its logic or mechanics.
In these circumstances, I should presumably be grateful that out of the 11 loose ends which I pointed out in my letter of February 13 about the outline, no less than 4 have been taken care of. Qualitatively, however, two of the worst and most conspicuous ... have been left in all their pristine blatancy.
The percentage of actual results accomplished by my original criticisms, therefore, is statistically low enough to leave room for wondering if they ever did reach you, or got beyond the wastebasket of your "script supervisor," since the present improvements might easily have been made without my intervention.>> (Barer, p.154)

UK: 10th November 1968

Zeit zu sterben

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70468 (2002)


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