Episode #91 - 5-20

The Counterfeit Countess

Kate O'Mara - Nadine/Yvette
Alexandra Bastedo - Mireille
Philip Madoc - Alzon
Derek Newark - Carl
Henry Soskin - Warburg
David Kelsey - Miles
Ray Brown - Larry
Gertan Klauber - The Barman
Cliff Dickens - Maurice
Terry Mountain - The Gendarme

Directed by Leslie Norman; Screenplay by Philip Broadley

Out in the country the road is blocked by a herd of sheep. While waiting for them to pass Templar watches a small plane crash. He tries to help but the pilot shoots at him and flees. Simon examines the crash site and finds a packet of counterfeit money. Inspector Teal later gives him the address of the pilot... but the Saint finds him already dead. The clues lead to a night club in Paris and to the "Counterfeit Countess".

* Kate O'Mara also appears in Episode #87 "The Fast Women" and #104 "The Double Take"
* Alexandra Bastedo also appears in Episode #61 "The Crime of the Century"
* Henry Soskin also appears in Episode #98 "The Gadic Collection"
* David Kelsey also appears in Episode #116 "The Man Who Gambled with Life"
* Derek Newark also appears in Episode #112 "Where The Money Is". He also appears in the episode "That's Me Over There" of The Persuaders
* Gertan Klauber also appears in Episode #113/114 "Vendetta for the Saint" (as Gertain Klauber)
* The set for the pilot's apartment is the same as Simon's hotel room in Episode #90 "To Kill A Saint"
Because the beam of Simon's flashlight is too weak for the camera it was 'enhanced' by a spotlight. Watch this beam as the operator tries to follow Roger Moore's movements. (0:38)
This corridor was used several times in the colour episodes as a set.
The double doors were frequently used as a set item in the colour episodes.

Leslie Charteris, 28th November 1966: <<In my opinion this is strictly garbage. I have often complained about the weekly coincidences which launch the TV Saint on an adventure, but the opening of this one is the most preposterous yet. [Originally the Saint was delayed by a flock of ducks.]
After that, it seems to be just a hash of alcoholic improvisation but without any originality or surprise twists, of similar style to "The White Tuxedo." [Original title of Episode #93 "Island of Chance"]
I don't think the show would last long on NBC with plots of this caliber.>> (Barer, p.145)

UK: 03rd March 1967

S.T. und die Gräfin

* DVD (NTSC): AAE-70351 (2001)


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